Fun spankings to count our blessings: a new Covid approach

Time to re-think so many things in life.

This winter will be hard, living in a northern climate, and we will have to stay positive.

Today, in discussion, I asked Cindy to consider and start if she agrees!

  • spankings should be given much more often
  • they should be  for fun and not for discipline
  • they should be leisurely
  • and where Cindy recounts all the good things in our life
  • one of which is she spanks me
I have been quite down lately, a combination of feeling depressed, and upset by politics and political leaders..

There is much to be happy with in the world we live in, and it is time to keep reminding ourselves of this

  1. We are of an age where it is most probable that we would survive covid if we got it.
  2. We have wonderful children!
  3. They each have wonderful married partners
  4. We have fabulous grandchildren (and we are not the only ones who say this)
  5. We have our health
  6. We have each other
  7. We are financially fine such that we can contribute to charities and are doing so
  8. We try to give front line charities our support (aka Women's shelters, etc), as opposed to big organizations with big budgets and salaries
  9. I could list more, but you have the idea......
So, to keep us positive in our outlook (not covid positive)
We did a take-out lunch today which we have been avoiding. (tipped the owner $40)

I was spanked, significantly, with Cindy's back against the headboard of the bed, and my prone naked bottom over her lap. 

A wooden bath brush was used, and a massive area on both cheeks were grey, with surrounding red, when Cindy finally stopped.

My bottom is still on fire after four hours, but my heart is so full of love.

Sex did not follow the spanking, as it many times does.

I have asked Cindy to do this daily for a while, and I would love it if she told me:
In a half hour could yo go get the bath brush and bring it to me for today's spanking. That has an erotic effect on me by simply writing it.

Life is GOOD!

Make the time at home with loved ones some of the best memories you have in life during this difficult period.

bottoms up
How could anyone think of this placement for candles (come on  baby, light my fire)
people have way too much time on their hands to discover this shadow

The reality of nudist beaches
Been there, but never did this
always laugh, it makes the day brighter
you mean you do NOT call them times tables?????



Merryslave said...

I agree with your bullet points. Our problem hss been initiation, who starts it? So we started a protocol, with an alarm that goes off at 6 pm daily. It goes off,we both know it is time. I go "get ready":while she rolls one die to determine number of implements to use, the she rolls two dice per implement to determine number of swats each. So far,so fun.

lobster said...

thanks for that Many of us have lost sight of our many blessings and the good things in our life

Baxter said...

I was shoved into early retirement in mid April due to Covid19. Not a bad thing actually as I was planning on July 31 to be my last day of working after 42 years. but I was ready. Since then my wife and I have done a lot of camping in MI, WI and IL, always social distancing, washing hands and wearing a mask when going into a store. No big deal. We have arranged our life to be self sufficient, as much as possible, during our time away from home. We have been in a few convenient stores but only when we really needed to exchange propane tanks, buy beer and fire wood and junk food. And yes, I do request a spanking from time to time because I do need that bit of positive encouragement.

Spanked Cowboy said...

Red, I hope the concept of everyday spanking goes well for you. We recently did the same thing but for a different reason. I was injured and laid up for several weeks and not able to receive maintenance spankings. When I was able to, she felt a gradual build up was a good idea. She did everyday spankings for 3 weeks, slowly increasing in duration and intensity. I got use to being spanked everyday and was sort of disappointed when they stopped.

Red said...

MerrySlave: daily. ouch

lobster: sorry very true

Baxter: thanks for sharing. We had had wonderful walks in conservation areas near us, that we had never visited. You make the most with what is safe to do. We rarely go in stores)only grocery stores), but mask up always.

Spanked cowboy: not happening daily, but many days to keep us positive

bottoms up