Thank you to all lurkers and regulars

Well, I am quite thrilled with all the people who have stopped by to leave a comment. More than I expected, but the added attraction of adding to the total number of spanks was an invitation many chose not to miss.

We have been busy hiking and gardening, so will be starting my comeuppance today. (this was written on Sunday). Honestly, I am uncertain if I will be thanking my readers if this was being written after the spanking.

Aside: Glad to see Hermione thought this was a good idea, and will add it to here LOL next year. Really Hermione, why not just use the comments on my blog for this year, then compare it a year from now with the comments on your blog.

Cindy was  a tad worried about so many spanks, but really got into the flow of things. 

We varied form over the knee, then over pillows on the bed, then standing, back over her knees, and then finished with a cane on the bed.

Cindy a number of times said: "was that five?" and I readily assured her that the five with that implement were done.

She was sometimes dismayed that the number had been reached, just as she was getting into the swing of things with an implement.

A few times Cindy said she has to make certain the readers would not be disappointed with her efforts, so that meant even harder strokes with the next implement.

She especially enjoyed  using the "Ms Hurley" and the carpet beater, and thanked Danielle while using them. (Danielle had sent them as gifts)

She also was very happy and said to thank Ronnie for her canes.

We will do day two comments tomorrow. I apologize if I convinced people not to leave comments as anonymous, simply to stop one individual posting twenty times. Of course, if you read this and are a regular commenter like archedone, or Julie, or Danielle or John or Cheryl or George, etc, please feel free to leave a comment on day two of LOL, and Cindy will be delighted to add them into the total.

Thank you to everyone who replied and left encouraging remarks. I appreciate it.
(PS: my bottom is quite on fire, and the sex afterwards was astounding)

Here were the comments and my replies.

CeluiDeRouen Merci pour votre respond. La main etre bein pour commence, mais pas pour la totale

(pour votre demande, la main pour commencez)

kdpierre accepting spanks from lurkers and friends helps encourage them to comment a little more.

Oldog Happy uou like the blog, and great to have feedback. Appreciate it if you do it occasionally more often.

Anonymous: thank you for de-lurking. You should do even more loving things than usual, and when asked,

say truthfully it is because you love her. Only when she asks is there anything she can do to show her appreciation. Your answer could be spank me when you are truly happy as a reward

Eddie (twice) Thanks for de-lurking. As you may have realized, all comments need my approval before being posted. Thus, yo do not see them for some amount of time.

Fred Thank you

ronnie Glad to know I can give ya a wee smile.

Jay: Hope you are given a small spanking for your efforts on my behalf.

SPANKEDHORTIC II spatula? (want to make certain I am well cooked, do you.

W.G. Ames: Red Chief says thank you. Our DD solves problems, nicely, and as you may have seen , we are not into bruising or blood. Fun spankings also occur, with a made up pretend reason. You should leave another comment with a link to some of your literature

Tim Crawford: I must look for more puns as a reward for commenting.(one attached at the end of this post)
Bonnie (thanks for your contribution) You should try it next year, and I will be happy to contribute to a great cause.

wolfman7446 : lots of women being spanked photos, as they are more beautiful to look at.

Joe very true

Barrel (Thanks for your praise, and hope you are spanked soon on that bench.

KathyR: (Hope you find someone suitable in more than just spanking to give you companionship and spankings)

Merryslave: Glad to know you are well now, and able to be spanked safely.

SpankedCowboy: thanks for the praise, and all of your comments. Good luck with the idea.

Minielle Labraun Thanks for dropping by. Doubt by this many spanks I will be enjoying the challenge.

Trix: thank you

Marc: Wow, may I wish the same to you sometime soon.

Pepe: you are welcome

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Red for your awesome blog. You have entertained me with your posts and encouraged me to expand our horizons with TTWD.


Merryslave said...

Thank you, Red.

Hermione said...

ICY - I had to read that one twice before I got the joke. Very clever folks in Indian Hills:)


Anonymous said...

Lets all be safe and today I meet my husband at the door I was in hose and heels and my best support bra and the hairbrush in had..........well we did have an agreement that when with of us get home we both wear the mast for one hour and I forgot so he handed me the mask and took me over his knee's I agreed to it before hand and damn did I get it and yes he used the hairbrush.


Red said...

Peter: You are welcome. We have not done day two yet.

MerrySlave: You are welcome.

Hermione: you should visit the site on Facebook, as they have some excellent puns that you will love. However, a google search will bring up many of them.

Cheryl: Well, that is quite delightful to read. Glad to know that George does the spanking sometimes, as I am certain you deserve it, and you will find a reason to spank him in the next few days to re-establish who is the spanker, and who is the spankee. Cindy was spanked recently, and she knew and accepted it, even though she did NOT enjoy it. (I Did).

bottoms up