Love Our Lurkers (Day Two) (and get me spanked)

 It is always enjoyable for a blogger to get feedback from their viewers. (Day Two)

Thus, many years ago, love our lurkers day was suggested to encourage viewers to venture out and leave a comment on a post.

The viewer might like to share their experiences, using anonymous, but signing a fictitious name so that future comments enhance knowledge of the person commenting.

Do consider taking the time to share your thoughts.

The only restriction on this blog is :

No discussion related to spanking children,

 even if you yourself were spanked as a child.

Please leave a comment

The title has probably intrigued you, so you may still be reading.

I am suggesting to Cindy that she give me five spanks

for EACH different person 

who is NOT using ANONYMOUS (unknown) when commenting!

Each comment will have a different spanking implement used!

Every comment  will be acknowledged with the implement used at a later date

I challenge other bloggers 

to post this on their blog 

and follow through.

PS: No need to acknowledge where you obtained the idea, please!

bottoms up

Thanks for dropping by.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

First time commenting. Thank you very much for your excellent blog, a great ever day read (especially the funnies)

Hermione said...

Red, I love your idea, and just might use it myself next year. Can I suggest an implement? Leather belt.


Joe said...

Hi Red if I comment again today does that mean 10 swats and 2 implements?

Merryslave said...

Love the idea!

Ed C said...

Hi Red
Just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. I have been a long time lurker this is my first time replying
I’m also spanked by my wife. We have had a DDs arrangement for over 20 years it works for us we have Ben together for 34 years. I’m mostly spanked with a bath brush or sometimes a leather strap if she feels that’s what I deserve.
Ed C

Anonymous said...

Doug here,

I am 80+, and my wife spanks me a couple times a week with a long-handle wooden paddle I made for her. Something to look forward to as we hunker down together during this pandemic.

I enjoy your blog. Thanks.

YENDIS said...

"viewer might like to share their experiences...Do consider taking the time to share your thoughts"? Never usually comment, just seemed as though constant accolades would eventually become redundant. However, as so many have come and gone, discovering these regular & insightful & entertaining posts has become a highlight to the day, especially in such challenging times, particularly for so long.
THANK YOU for the informative links/resources, arousing images/scenarios, joyful humor, and personal updates. GREATLY APPRECIATED