being spanked

I tend to talk to Cindy about spanking while we are driving, when I think we need to discuss something. A calm, relaxing way, where also my bottom is safe.

We go through phases, and when I am being spanked, it may happen daily for a few days. Then it might be a few weeks before another spanking. I have suggested that Cindy should never let any upset fester, but simply spank it away. 

Cindy took my advice when we arrived home from a hike/ walk in the woods, and did a serious  spanking when we arrived home. Pillows on the bed, me bare bottomed on top, and the LONG TAWSE used stronger than normal, and many more spanks than normal. My feet were jerking, and I was at times turning back towards her with my head. This was followed by the "hurley stick" we received as a  present from Danielle, on the meaty part of my bottom. The reason was for something that happened three days before..  (The tawse was used like in the picture.

The next day had a dose of the soup stirrer in the kitchen that was longer than usual. Once again my squirming about, and looking back at times.

The discussion the day later while driving was that each spanking had been effective, but just as they were getting intense and harder to bear, Cindy had stopped. My goal was to have Cindy spank harder, and be totally effective, and comfortable while spanking. I should be the one uncomfortable.

Cindy responded that you were reacting and moving about, so I stopped.

My response was that this meant the spanking was starting to be effective! 

The idea of spanking is that the real part of the spanking begins when the spankee was wishing it would stop. 

I apologized for looking back pleadingly! 

I  reminded her that after my shower this morning, my bottom was not even pink, whereas some spankings in the past it would be bright pink or even red the day after a spanking when I showered. 

Also, when you used the wooden bath brush, there would be a gray area on each cheek surrounded by red, when the spanking ended. This no longer occurs.

Cindy stated she would think about it.

Thinking was obviously finished by the next day, as I was once again spanked with the bath brush, and I certainly felt every spank. 

The spanking was longer and harder than previous ones, and when permitted to rise, my eyes were very moist, and looking in the mirror, a large grey area was on both cheeks inside the red area. 

This is an older photo ,and the red area is larger, as is the gray area, but both do not come out well with a flash photo. 

The tawse spanking had the red much higher and also much lower, as it now covers almost tot he top of my bottom, and also the top of the  back of my legs.

This is how I imagine my future spankings will be like. 

Three spankings in four days, and all is exceptionally well in our house.

bottoms up


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Spanked Cowboy said...

I never have to ask her to alter her spanking methods, harder, softer, longer, shorter, faster, slower or position changes. She just seems to know when and how to spank. Over 11 years now of her spankings and I could not ask for anything different or better. I am very lucky. I have found a keeper...and...a great spanker. I love the photo of the woman paddling her errant male in the OTK position.