When you ask your partner (your wife or your husband) to spank you

The advice I can give you is that if you desire to be spanked, then you should ask. Circumstances of young children in the house, and many other factors will weigh in on the ultimate decision. 

It may take quite some time to convince her/him to try it once, but if it works for BOTH of you, then it is marvelous!

Spankings could be foreplay, before mind blowing sex, but they could evolve into stress relief and discipline spankings as the years go by.

We highly approve of you asking your partner if this is a fetish or kink or just a whim to see what  it is like.

Reality will eventually take hold, even if it takes a number of years,


 if your partner decides to do a real spanking for discipline, you will not like it while the spanking is happening, but afterwards the glow and the warmth and affection will be wonderful.

  and when your wife is really annoyed, 
these might be the words you hear.    
and always remember  

 bottoms up

always loved Groucho Marx

You have to be old to understand this one.



She and he are spanked

I have a fondness for the idea of two people being spanked one after the other

hearing and seeing the other person being spanked and their reactions

while waiting for your turn,

is a powerful thought

but being spanked at the same time is also erotic

fun thoughts

The couple might have matching panties before the spanking, 

and of course, displaying matching red bottom afterwards.

bottoms up



Happy Spanksgiving

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, in this year of Covid.

It is extremely sad how many people are gathering and traveling!

Depending where you live, you may be celebrating only with those who live in your household, as opposed to the traditional holiday feasting with family and friends.

Do remember, that the safety of everyone

 is the most important thing to celebrate.

fond thoughts

not bothering with the translation, but we all get he message

and maybe your dessert will be a spanking

bottoms up

and for all the conspiracy people



just some smiles

Thought a few smiles are in order

Be certain to exercise before eating that turkey tomorrow

but really, we might be too old for this method

but running could be fun

no need to send that text, she is way ahead of you in thinking

and for those northerners

remember practice makes perfect
makes it easier to get he sports bra on!

It's Weird being the same age as old people

bottoms up