Twosomes (part one)

 Sometimes, one wonders what would happen if you insulted a woman in front of your wife!

Assume the friend knows you war a spanked husband,

 What would it be like

when she is invited to participate

in your spanking

immediately, no modesty is permitted for you

Has this ever happened to you?


maybe two canes at the same time

or, she might wait for her turn

Is it just a fantasy?

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

My wife has spanked in front of her mother and best friend for my attitude. The worse part is her pulling my pants and underpants down, scolding me while being watched. Always over her lap and always wall facing time. Some spankings are so hard I kick off the pants and underpants. Jack

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

LMAO at the skeleton!

Miss Cecilia said...

I spank husband regularly in front of other ladies. I encourage them to make comments. I don't let them spank him, though. I tried that when I was pregnant and didn't have much energy, but it didn't work out too well, so if I get pregnant again, we'll have to look at something different.

If he's rude to a lady and I can trust her to be discreet, I will invite her to witness the discipline. When she comes over, husband has to curtsey to her, say he's sorry for being rude, tell her he's going to be disciplined for it and ask her if she'd like to see him get his spanking for being rude to her. When I've finished disciplining him, he has to apologize to her again and thank her for watching him get a spanking.

Spanked Cowboy said...

I am spanked in front of and by others often. Mostly at parties, events or dungeons. If it is for discipline the other party is there to see me totally stripped first. Then I am placed in position and spanked soundly. If the other party is asked to assist it is at this time. I find this quite effective and often humiliating, especially if it is the first time for the other party.

Naughty Boy said...

That sounds so embarrassing. I would hate to get my ass whipped in front of another lady. Poor dude.

Red said...

Jack; best to behave better in front of company.

Dan: happy to make you happy

Miss Cecelia; You have a great method of disciplining your husband. Stay healthy.

SpankedCowboy: keep having fun, cowboy. Wish I could join you

naughtyboy: all photos are of actors, who are padi to perform

bottoms up