Trying to be less DOMINATE

 We are trying a somewhat different approach, at my request. My history has always been the in charge, person. In officiating, I had assistants, but was the final decider. Rarely was I the assistant. At work, I was in charge of my group, period!

With Cindy, I do not back down easily.

Thus, I am encouraging Cindy to simply stop when I am starting to be dominant in a discussion about something, and spank me! 

Today, after a amicable, but definite difference of opinion, we left the topic.

Later, I went to Cindy with the wooden bath brush, and asked her to spank me for the disagreement. Cindy readily obliged, but stated I do not even remember what we were talking about, nor did I.

Bare bottom, in the living room, with the curtains open, over the knee while Cindy sat on the  sofa.  Neighbors, if looking out their 

Numerous hard spanks, as a bath brush always gives hard spanks. Lecture while the spanking was happening, and then it finished. I suggested you should do more, and Cindy happily did ten more hard spanks to one cheek, and then the other.

I am hoping that if we do this every time, I MAY become less dominant.

What methods are you using to lessen your dominant personality?


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Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

I have the same issue you do -- my entire work life is built around me being mostly in charge, and it's hard to switch that off. I'll be interested to hear how your new strategy works out.

Loved the last pic in this post!

Spanked Cowboy said...

Hmmmm, not something that has ever occurred here. It is true, I was an alpha when younger and at work. My career was high stress and I had a leadership role. Nearing and after retirement, I wanted a change and I became a 24/7 submissive. Not an easy transformation and I am thankful for my first Dominant Mistress/wife, and current Dominant Mistress/Life Partner. I learned my new role thru many, many, long and hard bare ass spankings. Now after 11 years in this 24/7 FLR and DD household, my dominant side is completely gone. I never have to ask to be spanked and our maintenance program is working well. She does not like to punish, but make no mistake, when she feels it is necessary, my ass is bared and I get spanked to tears and beyond with many implements.

I am happy that Cindy will fulfil your needs occasionally.

Baxter said...

pardon the thought, but you must have been a real asshole at work, being your dominant self. BUT, I worked for a company, a really successful company, that was run by the biggest assholes in the industry and that assholdom worked its way down through the entire organization. To this day, my wife said I was an asshole all during my time working at that company. As I reflect back on those 12 years, I will admit I was an asshole to everyone I came in contact with. The absolute best thing that should have happened back then would have been for my wife to spanked my bare bottom on a very regular basis. I deserved it as I treated people for shit and for that I should have had a sore bottom on a regular basis with the requisite scolding about the issues. I do agree with Cindy spanking you when you become your dominant asshole self and I do encourage my wife to do the same as I can still hearken back to those days.

Red said...

Dan: thanks, and hopefully it will work out.

Spanked Cowboy; Thanks for the summary. i realize that many men who are now spanked have gone through a trajectory like ours. We just need to move to maintenance spankings as well as on a behavioral need basis.

Baxter: Disagree with your interpretation of what I wrote, but you could be right. I would have to give too much information about my self to elaborate. The sport was one when there were ethnic teams. where they would be willing to re-fight a European war on the field, if you let them. As a assessor, I saw a referee make bad calls and lose complete control, and police needed to be called to break up the melee. Also, having officiated at a high level, being on a low level game, with a much lower grade official being in charge, lead to really bad calls, that I could do nothing about.
But yes, I would have been helped by being spanked earlier in our relationship.

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