The goal for the spanker: To be happy while spanking you

 Spanking websites simulate real (wife/girlfriend) spanking the man

or imagined  (student spanking teacher)

life situations.

We know that the situation is simulated
we love
the idea
your partner
is happy
that she is solving, or has solved a problem

I hope your  partner has learned to enjoy that they are able to spank you whenever they feel you need it,  or whenever your actions determine you need it.

Bottoms up



Spanked Cowboy said...

My Dominant does not like to punish. She is pleased with the concept of our relationship giving her the authority to discipline when necessary. She is also pleased again when the punishment is over and the issue has been resolved, to say nothing of her pleasure of admiring her work. She does enjoy the physical act of spanking for other reasons, stress relief, sensual, fun or maintenance. All in all, a very happy household here, carried out in true female-led, DD fashion.

Red said...

SpankedCowboy: Cindy does not like to spank also, but does it effectively when she does spank. All is well in our happy household
bottoms up