The chair in the bedroom

Question: Do you have a chair in the bedroom, 

and if so,

how might you describe it's main purpose?

The chair in our bedroom is decoration to the unsuspecting

and useful for filling a corner of the room

But it's main purpose is to be moved  away from the wall

 so that Cindy can sit on it, and I can be over her lap for a spanking.

In addition,  if I clutter it up by throwing clothes on it, then I have to first declutter the chair, then spanked to remember not to throw thing son the chair.
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

It is the chair my wife uses by her vanity. The faithful bath brush hangs on the back of it. Jack

Baxter said...

Our master bedroom is probably smaller than it should be, but fits one queen bed, two night stands and three dressers/wardrobes. No room for anything else. R just tells me to pull down my pants and bend over the bed and and spanking subject is taken care of quickly. OMG, that last picture probably was at Walmart, right?

Anonymous said...

It is just a non assuming chair in the room. straight back, no arms and cushioned. But when moved to the center of the room, look out

Spanked Cowboy said...

We have a chair in the bedroom, but I am most always spanked over the edge of the bed. The chair is hardly used for anything.

Red said...

jack: perfect

Baxter: The bed is ALWAYS an option. When used, I have pillows to prop my bottom higher for a more effective spanking.

anon: true

SpankedCowboy: the bed is very effective place ot be spanked
bottoms up