Pillows to help make a spanking more effective

Whenever I am spanked on the bed,

then we are certain to use pillows

 to raise my bottom higher.



It is easy
to see the benefits 
of a raised bottom
and a rather delightful

view for us


And a truly SUBMISSIVE

position for the spankee


You can almost imagine the spanker asking if the spankee is comfortable?

but certainly 


they will not


be comfortable


for very long

Do you use pillows on the bed for a spanking?

bottoms up

Hope you enjoyed the photos

bottoms up

Some ladies say



Spanked Cowboy said...

We have always used pillows to raise my butt for spankings. About a year ago we discovered a wedge shaped pillow and have used it ever since. Not only does it raise my ass for a better target, but lowers my torso and head so I am in a more submissive position.

BTW, Love the photos, especially the one where the spanker is straddling the spankee while facing away from her head. That raised bottom will be very red in a few minutes


A pillow or cushion, strategically placed on the edge of a desk or table that I am bending over, is appreciated as aids in not having my boy bits crushed during the administration. I prefer the pain at the rear end, not the front :)


juliesp said...

I agree about the pillows, both from the giving and receiving end!
You want a bit of bend-over, but not too much (such as standing, bent over), else the skin gets too tight. 2 or 3 pillows are the best. Very submissive for the spankee. Very dominant for the spanker!

Joe said...

Always use 2 pillows puts me in just the right position. Works much better then laying flat and my wife says she enjoys the view

Anonymous said...

Pillow talk...

Oh my! An awesome selection, Red. Why, it sure brings back rueful memories of back in 1960s yore, whenever I told lies to my mom & so gotten to position my own (very bare) bottom in the position, that your scenes perfectly illustrate, for her trusty cane! Oh my! A most visceral visual post. Very funny. Thanks a bunch.
Brenda xx