Once again spanked for real!

 Beware of what you ask for, and those are words every spankee should listen to. I have been over the years convincing Cindy that her spankings should be harder, and she has taken this to heart. 

A recent experience went as follows:

I waited upstairs for Cindy, and had placed the spanking chair out for her, her high heel shoes, and the wooden bath brush, the short tawse, and the OTK cane (from Ronnie's linked supplier Jack)

I waited in the corner, facing the wall. Windows closed!

Cindy entered the room, and sat on the chair, and informed me to undress completely.

When naked, I came to her chair and put her leather high heels on her feet, which rises her knees for me to be OTK ,also raising my submission level, and her dominant level.

A tap of the knee is her signal for me to be OTK. 

No warm-up, just many hard rapid spanks with the bath brush. A pause, then many more. A pause to make certain I was breathing properly, and my feet subsided their little dance. A final flurry, and the spanking stopped.

(I know you would prefer to see a woman be spanked than me)

Please hand me the tawse, as it was on the floor beside me. Handing the tawse to her, Cindy asked in my arms and shoulder were okay, and then another flurry of spanks began. The tawse is used on the top of the back of the legs,   plus higher up my bottom. It is leather, so no danger to bones or muscles. My bottom was now on fire.


Cindy then asked for the cane, as she handed me the tawse, and I picked up the cane and gave it to her, while still OTK.

This short little cane can be used fast and strongly, and is quite effective.  A totally different feel than the other two implements. but effective.

When Cindy was finally pleased with her efforts, the redness of my bottom, and the telltale gray area on the center of each cheek, I was permitted to stand and thank her for my spanking, which I did.

Looking in the mirror showed Cindy had outdone herself in effectiveness.

My bottom was pink going to bed, and red coming out of the shower for the next TWO days. ( and sore whenever I sat for the next couple of days.

Bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Being naked over my wife lap, is the worse, sometimes she waits until I step out of the shower, and a wet bottom spanking gets my attention. Jack

Baxter said...

One thing is that throughout your deserved spanking, cindy was checking to see if you were OK, to make sure you were breathing and your arms were ok. Very nice of her to do that while hammering your bottom.

Glenmore said...

There is something oddly satisfying about sitting on a well spanked bottom afterwards. I'm sure Cindy enjoyed teasing you about that.

Red said...

Jack: wet bottom spankings hurt even more

Baxter: very careful of my health, and that I am effectively spanked

Glenmoretales: Cindy does not tease me about being spanked, but yes, I definitely feel it when sitting the rest of the day, and maybe longer.

bottoms up