New beach attire

A positive move towards making all beaches clothing optional

is the new thong beachwear
You can truly see the merits of this suit

but for the shy women amongst my readers, the traditional bikini is still available


I truly enjoy nude beaches
I'm lovin it, (me having fun at Orient Beach)
anytime I can
and you will see people of all ages

even proud that they were spanked
So enjoy life
bottoms up
a smile (naughty elephant -must be a male)
world's worst bra



Spanked Cowboy said...

Been a nudist for years. Visited many nude beaches and other nude areas and on the cruise ships you show in the pics above. Love being nude and around other nudists and don't mind if my recently spanked ass is visible. Love all these photos. With the new bikinis, one might as well go to a nude beach and really enjoy the atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

World's worst bra? Or, maybe the best.

Glenmoretales said...

For some reason I prefer the days when women's swimsuits left something to the imagination .
As for nude beaches , most of the people I've seen using them are not a pretty sight and should really cover up !
80 year olds at Copacabana beach wearing those teeny speedos really was a sad sight.

Naughty Boy said...

Somehow I feel that a spanking is in your future for this post. After all, it is a thinly veiled justification to look for nude pictures of attractive women.

Baxter said...

I agree with Glenmoretales above. that bikini or whatever it is is just dumb. I prefer the North Sea beach in The Netherlands in which the top is optional. We went there back in 2012 and I spent a lot of time looking at bare breasts. As far as the wheelbarrow spanking position, it would be fun until the spankee passes gas.