Mature spankers and spankees

 Some of my readers are of what we could call a mature age, and are SPANKED!

Many (some) are still happily

into spanking.

or at least understanding


they need to be spanked  

and accept the spanking, 
although not enjoying it at all.

My scenario is a need, 

 while I do NOT ENJOY the actual spanks
followed by the cane frequently
The experience is extremely stress relieving and re-affirming of Cindy's love

(that wooden bath brush certainly packs a wallop)

Hopefully, you enjoy seeing the pictures, imagining that you are one of the participants (probably the person without the pants).

Bottoms up   (this is a fun GIF)



Baxter said...

Thanks for the mature spanker/spankee post as it is appreciated. I agree that the part of the spanking that is least desirable is the actual implement colliding with the bottom. But I would say that the buildup to the event and the aftermath are the enjoyable parts. Don't most guys get an erection prior to a spanking? And the warmth in your posterior after is good. Hell, the sex after a spanking is amazing. Even at our mature age. I think people of all ages enjoy spanking activities.

Spanked Cowboy said...

Probably older than most readers of this blog, I am pleased to report we still enjoy an active spanking lifestyle. I am spanked regularly for maintenance and discipline and she enjoys her role as HoH and Dominant. I love the photos of those mature women spanking their mature men.

Anonymous said...

It will always be a paradox that you can fantasize about it happening, grow ( visibly) excited when it is imminent and remember it passionately after , but absolutely hate it when it is happening. The real paradox is tha spanking can be both a punishment and a reward. What else can do that?



Yup 54 and still gagging for a spanking :)


Joe said...

Thanks for another great post Red and so true. As a mature spanko I can tell you my spankings do me a world of good. Stress relief yes all my cares melt away during the spanking and when finished I feel energized. Then the sex in incredible.

Red said...

Baxter: I could not agree with you more. Alas, as age advances, being in the decade older than you, I do not always arise to the occasion, but certainly afterwards if we make love. (if not then, almost always the day later). spanking and sex are awesome things to combine.

SpankedCowboy: we are probably near each others age, and it is nice to see older women and men involved in spanking.

Alan: pain and pleasure. a paradox for certain!

perfectdt: Wonder what the word was before error correction (gagging??) Wow, are you ever a young man... when compared to me.

Jowe: a definite win win situation.
bottoms up

Unknown said...

We are a mature couple and just getting back into domestic discipline. Most recent event was an 18 stroke caning my wife gave me earlier this evening for small issues. Six of the best for each offence. My backside was quite welted.