if someone complains about your driving

Fun in the great outdoors, 

but do be careful if you criticize the driver.  Here she has pulled into a picnic area
and her belt will be very useful for her
Ladies are just as likely to be taken to the back seat of the car, and have their bottom spanked
 spanking in the car can be quite effective
Really, criticizing any driving, no matter what vehicle
can get a person's backside spanked
of course, she can also wait until you get to the campsite. and light a fire in your bottom, long before any campfire begins (and so many switches are available
One can dream of spanking your wife and her mother
well dreaming is nice
but realize, your comeuppance will be severe

enjoy the thoughts while driving!
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

My wife has threaten me with a spanking in the car, but always wait until we get home. Wish she would spank me in the car, the spanking at home is worse, the drive home knowing what is going to happen. Jack

Baxter said...

Like most men, I do make comments about my wife's driving and sometimes the best outcome would be for her to pull over and give me a sore bottom.

Red said...

Jack: true, better she spank you then and there, and then at home

Baxter: maybe you should suggest it sometime while at home with no plans on going out, to plant the seed in her mind about your behavior.

bottoms up