both of us spanked

Three days and three spankings.

I am a bit ( Okay : very) absent minded type, and thus in attempting to help in the meal preparation, I sometimes create waves.

Day one had me doing this, and Cindy had me bare my bottom and bend over the kitchen counter, where she spanked away her frustrations on my bottom with the soup stirrer. Wow! When used for a longer spanking (it was definitely longer than any other spankings using this implement in the kitchen), this certainly carries a wallop. my bottom was sore and red when she finished.

these spanks look insignificant, but Cindy's spanks were definitely significant, and my bottom was something like this afterwards.

Day two; Did something to upset Cindy, and later when upstairs I suggested she use the cane for six strokes to help forget the incident. I have, sadly, already forgotten why) One practice stroke on the pillow, but then six strokes that I felt, but not as strong as what was used on the pillow. i suggested she do two more like she had on the pillow. She agreed! Stroke one: my feet shot upwards at the knees. (yikes).

Legs slowly lowered in place: stroke two : again they flew upwards without any knowledge on my part, just the reaction of my body.

We shall see if this will become the norm, but those two strokes were VERY EFFECTIVE!

Day Three: Cindy caused an upsetting discussion in the car while I was driving in traffic. When all was settled, while we were walking in a regional park, I suggested strongly that she should be spanked. We are older, traffic is bad at times, and being upset while driving serves no purpose but to endanger us.

When home, in the bedroom with Cindy bare bottomed over my knee, with her upper body fully supported by the bed, I wrapped one leg over hers to keep her in place. A slow, but quite significant hand spanking followed. Maybe 25 to 30 spanks, the longest I have ever spanked her.

Problem satisfactorily solved, and hopefully not to be repeated. Of course the photo shows a woman spanking a man ,but the reality was Cindy being spanked by me.

Spankings are helping to keep us sane during this pandemic. (well, I wonder if I was ever sane)

bottoms up



Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Those last two are pretty damn funny!

Baxter said...

regarding traffic, now that we are retired, I just don't care about traffic. If it cannot be avoided, just sit and wait. Look at your surroundings - other people in cars, the clouds, each other, talk about stuff. And as far as driving, I do the speed limit while people in a hurry tend to tailgate. I drive a big SUV so I really don't care what their issues are, I continue to drive the speed limit. When towing our trailer, I can't see the tailgaters anyway, until they swerve out and pass me like I am sitting still. AMF to them. The bottomline, worry about your blood pressure, not the other idiots in traffic, or you deserve the sore bottom you will get.

Red said...

dan: glad you smiled

Baxter: best to just point out the asshole drivers, and smile. Had a really fun experience when I guy passed across a double line, to shoot ahead of everyone at a high speed, and a police officer was up ahead with a perfect view. Really makes you r day when the a**hole was pulled over.

bottoms up