Beware the solution for road rage - outdoor spanking

 When you are on the road, your manners are as important or even more so than when at home

or maybe immediately

But if she thinks your mood needs changing immediately, and the road is busy, a trip into the woods might be in order

you may
find yourself

baring your bottom

and being spanked in the closest rest stop

Day or night

and a birch is usually easy to find


the wait will be negligible


your bottom will be well spanked


and then we and you can enjoy the scenery



but if no rest area is available, 


your bottom can still be bared at the side of the road


Do drive carefully

If you desire a spanking, you can always ask for one when you both get home

bottoms up




Halloween thoughts

Fun thoughts

and my ideas at the Halloween store
my batcat was not pleased either

I accidently dropped candle wax on the pumpkin, (clean up your thoughts!!!)

but I am ready for Halloween


Enhancing the fear

strong and steady forceful spanks


truly feeling the spanking and reacting uncontrollably

finally simply laying their absorbing the punishment and the pain

bottoms up



Pillows to help make a spanking more effective

Whenever I am spanked on the bed,

then we are certain to use pillows

 to raise my bottom higher.



It is easy
to see the benefits 
of a raised bottom
and a rather delightful

view for us


And a truly SUBMISSIVE

position for the spankee


You can almost imagine the spanker asking if the spankee is comfortable?

but certainly 


they will not


be comfortable


for very long

Do you use pillows on the bed for a spanking?

bottoms up

Hope you enjoyed the photos

bottoms up

Some ladies say