unexpectedly seen being spanked

Everyone knows that these photos are posed!

 and although the spankings may be VERY REAL,

 the scenario is simply being created for a website

 to sell the video 

and photos to you.
However, our imagination can have a wonderful time

pretending we have just come across the spanking by accident
and that we can revel in watching her embarrassment at being spanked.
always love the beautiful face and bottom of Sierra

As we become ever more comfortable with spanking, Cindy yesterday had me bare my bottom in the kitchen for something I had  done wrong.

The first loud smack of the wooden spoon had me realize the door to the bark yard was open, and maybe somebody could hear. I stood up to tell Cindy the door was open, and she said "BEND OVER", and the spanking continued.

I doubt anyone heard, but it is possible.

Has this happened to you? 

Has anyone seen or heard you being spanked?

bottoms up



Spanked Cowboy said...

In short, the answer is yes. Many people has seen be being spanked. I understand the real question is was it a surprise to you and your spanker too. In our case, yes is also the answer. We believe in discipline at the time of the incident. There are times we were seen and we were unaware of it. There were also times we were surprised by others witnessing the spanking. The spanking always ran full term and not stopped due to witnesses, known to us or not.

Pizza Paddle said...

Summertime spankings for me mean that all the windows are open and I guess anyone in the apartment block can hear. I guess it sucks to be me during these times.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

No one has seen one in progress, though it's impossible to know whether anyone has overheard one. If the kids did, it was when they were pretty young. She always spanked me after they were in bed, but who knows whether they might have heard noise coming from the basement. As for others outside the family, again, it's hard to know what others might have heard. We live in a pretty closely-packed environment, so who knows whether the neighbors might have overheard one or more. It's certainly possible.

Red said...

SpankedCowboy: A wonderful situation for both of you, that your partner is comfortable having people see you being spanked, and not stopping. Whether they be strangers, or people you know, a spanking when necessary is given. Thanks for sharing.

Anon: a situation many can relate to. Thanks for sharing.

Pizza Paddle; Thanks for sharing. Windows open means people will have sometimes heard. When we used to cruise, i am certain people have walked by our cabin and heard me being spanked, including the room steward. Thanks for sharing.

Dan: very true, of neighbors hearing being very possible Children when young were probably asleep, but who knows. Only time will tell.

bottoms up