The benefits of getting spanked

 This has been around for quite some time, but is a fun and useful

           She is  perfectly relaxed

    He will not be relaxed, just worried

The Benefits Of Getting Spanked

Many people believe that if someone likes to get spanked, it is all sexual. That is not the case all the time. Even though getting spanked has some sexual effects or enhances sexual arousal, there are many non-sexual benefits from getting spanked. What can spankings do for you?

1. Getting spanked relieves stress.

2. Getting spanked is calming.

3. Getting spanked generates endorphins and puts you in a euphoric state.

4. Getting spanked generates adrenaline and gives an adrenaline rush, especially if you are anticipating getting a very harsh one.

5. Getting spanked lifts moods. Russian psychiatrists have found success in treating depression with bare butt whippings.

6. The marks left from getting spanked is like an art of its own.

7. For some, it can restore feelings of youth.

Don’t be ashamed of getting spanked, enjoy it! 

For those who never tried it in your adult years, give it a try. You never know, you may like it.

The spanker is truly relaxed, possibly perturbed, but happy they will deal with the problem.

they will continue to smile and relax as the  spanking proceeds
venting all their frustration on your bottom
Another good way of describing spanking was written as a comment by SpankedCowboy:

That photo describes a DD household very well. Ordinary folks handling an episode of poor behavior with an 'on the spot' spanking. No argument, no silent treatment, no harbored feelings. A good bare bottom spanking with any available implement works wonders.

In our FLR and DD household, we wholeheartedly agree with discipline at the time of the offense. When at home, we are no more than a few steps from a spanking implement and if away from home, my Dominant carries a purse paddle. It has been used when necessary....and YES, on bare bottom when possible.

If you have never tried CONSENSUAL SPANKING, do consider it!

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Anonymous said...

A wife has so many roles in marriage, compared to the husband. One is insuring that he is reminded who is in charge. My wife I thank for her spankings, they hurt, suppose to, but relieves my stress, keeps me grounded, and most of all maintains a strong marriage. Jack

Baxter said...

When my wife spanks me, she likes to select a prime number for the number of spanks or she will ask me what prime number it should be. I tend to go high so that she might understand that I know what I deserve. And she delivers the spanks with a smile before, during and after.

john said...

Definately nice pictures and video's. Enjoyed them.

Red said...

Jack: very true for some men and women

Baxter: delightful... I imagine you have climbed into higher primes, in the prime of your life . (could not resist). My only difficulty with a specific number of spanks is that it permits me to focus on the number, and not on the spanks themselves.

John: you are welcome

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