Married life (part One)

My reflections over time will be included in this new feature I intend to post regularly.

I will include some humorous jokes (I think they are funny), which could definitely get a man spanked at times.

Part One: reflection #1  (I wish we had started day one of our marriage)

This would have benefited making our happy marriage even better. I have not always been the perfect husband, but Cindy has always been the perfect wife, and the Love of my life.

This is a rather delightful scenario
We started spanking after about 30 years of marriage, after the children had left home.

There is always a spanking implement nearby whenever needed.

All it takes are the words" go bring me the ... (bath brush) Insert implement of HER choice

and then

come here

make certain, ladies, to be effective

Question 1: Do you wish you had started spanking in your relationship earlier than it began?

humor to maybe get you spanked!

This one will defintely get you a s panking
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Our marriage is strong because of FLR. Spankings are applied no matter where and always she uses the wedding present from her mother, a large hairbrush on my bare bottom. I would have the marriage no other way.

Anonymous said...

I think those of us into spanking all wish we had started sooner.
Remember too soon we get old.....too late we get smart.

Joe said...

I definitely wish spanking had started much earlier in my marriage. My spanking have helped me so much and I love my wife all the more for it and she seems to have gotten into it and enjoying

Anonymous said...

One month of dating, she said either I change or it is over. When she said she could help me change I asked how. She said a over the knee spanking, I laughed, went over her lap, and from then on, no laughing, more pleading, bare bottom spankings with a hairbrush, yes I changed, and yes we got married and the spankings insure I toe the line.

Baxter said...

I mentioned spanking right after we got married but she said no, that it is perverted. So back into my shell I went regarding spanking, but we had great sex often and everything else about our marriage has been good. but I longed for the spanking. I got to reading spanking fiction and one day, she asked me to let her read one of my spanking fiction books. She then said she understood and gave me a spanking and that was maybe 15 or so years ago. She has been more into spanking me, typically with me asking, and sometimes with her being pissed off at something and lets me have it. Along with everyone else, yes, I would have liked the spanking started back around the start of our now 37 year marriage, but twas not to be. She has said she wished she had been more open about it back then as it would have been fun. Oh well, here we are in our 60s and she is happily spanking me.

Red said...

Anon: sounds delightful, and fun to imagine her mother spanking her father.

archedone: very true. age does speed up when we wish it would go more slowly

Joe: perfect when your wife can spank you and enjoy it, solving many problems and stress.

anon: thanks for sharing

Baxter: Fortunately, she did accept spanking you, and is happy that she does. Thus, a win win situation. We have been married more than ten years longer.
bottoms up