Do you use corner time? (version 1)

Different possible replies exist in our spanking scenarios.

Prior to being spanked, 

you may need to  be reminded to completely bare your bottom and legs
or be completely naked with your nose touching the wall and hands behind your back!
possibly stand there holding your skirt up and wait bare bottomed
or with your bare bottom stuck out and hands on the wall
in front of the bed naked, hands on head
in font of the mirror, naked, so you can see yourself
fully clothed in the corner holding the paddle
bare bottom facing the wall with your nose touching the wall to add to your shame
or when you hear me enter, bend over and bare your bottom 
another possibility is put the spanking chair out with the leather belt on it, and bare your bottom, and contemplate what is about to happen

Bare your bottom and wait by the television, your spanking will start as soon as this inning is ended

Daunting woudl be stand by the window, with the curtains closed, naked with your hands on your head 
Bare your bottom and go stand in the corner beside the window. You worry of someone seeing you! 
Equally daunting is holding your skirt up with a bare bottom, standing beside the window, without being able to hide in the corner.

We have used corner time for me to reflect on why Cindy is upset, and how I can modify my behavior so this does not happen again!
however, when corner time is finished, I am TRULY WELL SPANKED!

Have you ever used corner time before a spanking?

Hope you enjoyed the pretty bottoms!

bottoms up



Baxter said...

Good pictures of bare bottoms waiting for a spanking. Nice

Anonymous said...

Beautifuls bottoms Red. And corner time is probably very important for some spankees and their spankers. It provides time to reflect, reconcile, and cool down (physically, mentally, emotionaly) after the spanking.


Red said...

Baxter: fun post to create, and pleasant to look at.

Matt: both before and/or after the spanking. Bottoms of women of all ages is a fun post

bottoms up