Are you man enough?

 Are you confident enough in your self esteem, to permit your wife to spank you?

Have this hang in some part of your house, easy for your wife to use whenever she wishes!

As the saying goes

It is a quick, simple solution to any problem.

We need to maybe do something like this, as we are back in the setting that no one but us enters our house.

I did something wrong today, and Cindy stated I should spank you, but I babbled about other things, and it was forgotten.  (I need training to simply stop everything and go retrieve the bath brush, (or whatever Cindy wants)
However, when we were home after a five mile walk around a lake, I entered the bathroom where she was combing her hair, and took out the bath brush and handed it to her.

Bared bottom, bending at the waist, Cindy gave me 24 hard spanks with the bath brush, and the problem was solved. Something like the above, or below!
We both agreed that we had no clue why she had stated I need to spank you, but also agreed that this was now taken care of.

bottoms up

and if you and a friend misbehave together, your wife has something to spank both of you at the same time



Anonymous said...

I'm man enough to know that my wife loves me, knows I need directions at times, and I understand that spankings bring the results she is wanting and what reminds me of what I did wrong. I'm spanked always over her lap, always on bare bottom, and always with a bath brush.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

yes, of course I am man enough for asking for a spanking.

Kind regards,

Marco (from Lindsay)

Anonymous said...

Yes. I got it many times publicly at parties. Including the main ballroom at Shadow Lane we're men getting spanked was somewhat unusual.


Unknown said...

I often deserve wheelbarrow spankings. This shows my wife how submissive I am to her needs.

Anonymous said...

I was man enough to ask and then tease that here spankings were WHIMPY and that is not a good idea of you had a AGREEMENT to take what she has to give and if you object one time there would be NO MORE SPANKINGS. Sunday I got her mad when I was face down, bare bottom and she had three implements. " I am going to beat this out of you today and I dare you to try and stop me. Gosh were these words I wanted to hear? Half way through I was muttering UNVLE only of her a giggle and a lot if whacks.


Red said...

anon: time you purchased other spanking implements for your wife, and she experimented making each spanking unpredictable.

Marco: I knew you were. Thanks for commenting

Fred: wish I had gone to those parties.

unknown: thanks for sharing

George: Glad you are getting the type of spankings you both desire and need. I am certain Cheryl is happy to spank you harder. We all crave a spanking we cannot handle, where we lose total control. both of you please stay safe during this pandemic, and maybe we can play together, with our wives spanking us at the same time

bottoms up