Married life (part One)

My reflections over time will be included in this new feature I intend to post regularly.

I will include some humorous jokes (I think they are funny), which could definitely get a man spanked at times.

Part One: reflection #1  (I wish we had started day one of our marriage)

This would have benefited making our happy marriage even better. I have not always been the perfect husband, but Cindy has always been the perfect wife, and the Love of my life.

This is a rather delightful scenario
We started spanking after about 30 years of marriage, after the children had left home.

There is always a spanking implement nearby whenever needed.

All it takes are the words" go bring me the ... (bath brush) Insert implement of HER choice

and then

come here

make certain, ladies, to be effective

Question 1: Do you wish you had started spanking in your relationship earlier than it began?

humor to maybe get you spanked!

This one will defintely get you a s panking
bottoms up


The benefits of getting spanked

 This has been around for quite some time, but is a fun and useful

           She is  perfectly relaxed

    He will not be relaxed, just worried

The Benefits Of Getting Spanked

Many people believe that if someone likes to get spanked, it is all sexual. That is not the case all the time. Even though getting spanked has some sexual effects or enhances sexual arousal, there are many non-sexual benefits from getting spanked. What can spankings do for you?

1. Getting spanked relieves stress.

2. Getting spanked is calming.

3. Getting spanked generates endorphins and puts you in a euphoric state.

4. Getting spanked generates adrenaline and gives an adrenaline rush, especially if you are anticipating getting a very harsh one.

5. Getting spanked lifts moods. Russian psychiatrists have found success in treating depression with bare butt whippings.

6. The marks left from getting spanked is like an art of its own.

7. For some, it can restore feelings of youth.

Don’t be ashamed of getting spanked, enjoy it! 

For those who never tried it in your adult years, give it a try. You never know, you may like it.

The spanker is truly relaxed, possibly perturbed, but happy they will deal with the problem.

they will continue to smile and relax as the  spanking proceeds
venting all their frustration on your bottom
Another good way of describing spanking was written as a comment by SpankedCowboy:

That photo describes a DD household very well. Ordinary folks handling an episode of poor behavior with an 'on the spot' spanking. No argument, no silent treatment, no harbored feelings. A good bare bottom spanking with any available implement works wonders.

In our FLR and DD household, we wholeheartedly agree with discipline at the time of the offense. When at home, we are no more than a few steps from a spanking implement and if away from home, my Dominant carries a purse paddle. It has been used when necessary....and YES, on bare bottom when possible.

If you have never tried CONSENSUAL SPANKING, do consider it!

bottoms up



Please visit and say farewell to Phil (http://overbarrelspankingtoons.blogspot.com/)

Phil has been in bad health for quite a long time, and it appears that the end may be near. His art and stories have always been a delight. 

He has posted art that has no storyline written, thus, I believe, cleaning out his folder of art.


Please take the time to visit,
and leave a message of thanks

and maybe click to a year and month and follow the storyline. 

You will have to scroll down to the bottom of the first screen, and you will see the years that you could click to. 

The blog started in 2014.

See you, my friend

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Are you man enough?

 Are you confident enough in your self esteem, to permit your wife to spank you?

Have this hang in some part of your house, easy for your wife to use whenever she wishes!

As the saying goes

It is a quick, simple solution to any problem.

We need to maybe do something like this, as we are back in the setting that no one but us enters our house.

I did something wrong today, and Cindy stated I should spank you, but I babbled about other things, and it was forgotten.  (I need training to simply stop everything and go retrieve the bath brush, (or whatever Cindy wants)
However, when we were home after a five mile walk around a lake, I entered the bathroom where she was combing her hair, and took out the bath brush and handed it to her.

Bared bottom, bending at the waist, Cindy gave me 24 hard spanks with the bath brush, and the problem was solved. Something like the above, or below!
We both agreed that we had no clue why she had stated I need to spank you, but also agreed that this was now taken care of.

bottoms up

and if you and a friend misbehave together, your wife has something to spank both of you at the same time



Do you use corner time ( version 2)

The obvious other time

is after 
Are you permitted to have your hands near your bottom?
or must they clearly be away from your bottom
on your knees is sometimes shown
but hands on your head seems to be 
the normal
Such a sex look!
this could be she is fondly herself, so is never permitted
and adding a little lecture now is really effective

Do you use corner time AFTER a spanking?
(When used, mine is before the spanking)

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