Stress Relief

Many people have many methods to relieve stress, but what works best for me is to be spanked by my wife. 

I seriously needed this today, and Cindy gave me a very strong spanking. I many times have to ask, and wish that she would be more aware of my need to be spanked. However, I am thrilled and happy that she is willing to spank me. 

With stress, I start to get very dominant, aggressive a bit (to a lot), and not happy.  it would be wonderful if Cindy were to see these signs nd initiate a strong spanking. When Cindy is annoyed by something I do she will give an on the spot spanking, but most of them are annoyances that I had no idea i was doing. They certainly work for her, and they also make me more aware in the kitchen and elsewhere.

I have also found that Cindy spanking me relieves her stress. She is a even happier and carefree person after spanking me significantly. 

Sadly, she still is not really 100% at ease with the thought of spanking, but fine with it once the spanking has begun. 

The spanking was a OTK bare bottom with the short tawse.  Cindy certainly knows how to wield that implement, and I grunted or owwed with almost every spank, which lasted for a long time. Cindy also used it on the back of my thighs, and the top of my bottom, a relatively virgin spot. Having not been spanked for a while, my bottom was quite softened, and I felt every spank.

On to the bed, pillows raising my bottom , for a number of significant spanks with the cane.

My bottom was quite fiery red, when I was permitted to rise, thank her for the spanking, and then look in the mirror. 

We both felt much better for the rest of the day, and today my bottom is still quite sore while sitting on a padded chair typing at my computer.

bottoms up

thought for the day: A married man should forget his mistakes.  There's no use in two people remembering the same thing!



Anonymous said...

My wife is a different person after she has given me a spanking. It is definitely a stress reliever for her. My punishment spankings differ in intensity and duration, which I believe correlates to the number and significance of the violations.

Spanked Cowboy said...

Stress relief spankings are used in our relationship and they do work. There are times I feel I need one, but seldom have to ask. She seems to know when I need a good spanking and often says so. Occasionally she says I need on and I am unaware that I do. The spankings themselves are long and quite firm. You are also correct, afterwards, it appears that she feels better and I know I do.

Quentin QBuzz said...

I am fully onboard with the stress-relieving effects of spanking. There's nothing like receiving a sound thrashing after a hard day at work!

Anonymous said...

So glad I came across this! I do know my husband's attitude changes with stress so he has been disciplined because of it. I've never paddled him to prevent it though. On the other hand my concern was, 'Am I being fair to spank him to relieve MY stress?' One of my rules is 'I don't need a reason to take him over my lap.' I do give him the "Just Because" spanking now and again as it keeps him on his toes and keeps me happier.

I confess I've come home very stressed from work and twice bared my hubby's behind and spanked him soundly (always with my hand only). It definitely helped with my stress level! When asked why I spanked him I told him it had been a while and he could use it and the next time was "Just Because."
I admit I feel guilty not telling my husband the truth especially because it's my say so and I don't need a reason.
So I wonder should I just admit that I'm stressed and that's why he's getting it? (Or rather than go for a jog I'm going to spank you, lol.)

Anonymous said...

Stress spankings work for me and my partner Mary. Sometimes I just need to be spanked and as it can be awkward to openly ask we have developed a system that works for us. I just collect the bathbrush from her r dresser and leave it on her desk in her office (she works from home). She'll make me wait possibly a couple of hours then I have to report to her in her office were she will order me to undress then pull out the "spanking chair" and she picking up the brush goes and sits on the chair and I have to walk over to her listen to any scolding and on command lower myself cross her lap. After the spanking is over red sorebottom is displayed in the corner.

Red said...

anon: everyone feels better after the spanking, although one of the participants has a sore bottom.

SpankedCowboy: it is great that your partner knows when you need to be spanked, even though you are unaware. Stress relief spankings are always useful.

Qbuzz: totally agree

Jennifer: many men wish their wives were so proactive as you are. I think you should admit that you are spanking him to get out from under your stress. Enjoy

anon: absoluely perfect. Enjoy
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

My wife is a proactive spanker, and doesn't hesitate to give me the cane on my bare bottom whenever she feels I need correction. I get caned for bad behaviour and general grumpiness, but mainly as a stress reliever for her, having had to cope with my errant ways. A stress reliever in other words, just as other followers have written.

I have to lie on the bed face down, with two pillows under my tummy so my bottom is properly presented for her, and she canes me hard, usually two dozen brisk strokes but sometimes more. It's a thin whippy rattan cane with a crook handle, and she uses it very effectively to spank all my naughtiness away.

We both feel much better after she has disciplined me in this way.

Red said...

anon: thanks for sharing. I wonder: pillows under your stomach, or pillows under your genitals. Must try pillows under my stomach.
bottoms up