Simple recipe to achieve bliss

This is how it is reached 
Have you achieved bliss recently
and,  to be truly  in a state of bliss, you have to recognize and agree with
each stroke should leave a nice RED line
enjoy watching, because you can never see your own bottom being caned in this way

bottoms up



Good People exist : Dolly Parton is one

 A uplifting post for the day, then spanking. I find one can get depressed by watching the news, because the best of humanity is never published, just the worst. So, here is one of the good folks

In 1990, the high school dropout rate for Dolly Parton's hometown of Sevierville Tennessee was at 34% (Research shows that most kids make up their minds in fifth/sixth grade not to graduate). That year, all fifth and sixth graders from Sevierville were invited by Parton to attend an assembly at Dollywood. They were asked to pick a buddy, and if both students completed high school, Dolly Parton would personally hand them each a $500 check on their graduation day. As a result, the dropout rate for those classes fell to 6%, and has generally retained that average to this day.

Shortly after the success of The Buddy Program, Parton learned in dealing with teachers from the school district that problems in education often begin during first grade when kids are at different developmental levels. That year The Dollywood Foundation paid the salaries for additional teachers assistants in every first grade class for the next 2 years, under the agreement that if the program worked, the school system would effectively adopt and fund the program after the trial period.

During the same period, Parton founded the Imagination Library in 1995: The idea being that children from her rural hometown and low-income families often start school at a disadvantage and as a result, will be unfairly compared to their peers for the rest of their lives, effectively encouraging them not to pursue higher education. The objective of the Imagination library was that every child in Sevier County would receive one book, every month, mailed and addressed to the child, from the day they were born until the day they started kindergarten, 100% free of charge. What began as a hometown initiative now serves children in all 50 states, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, mailing thousands of free books to children around the world monthly.

On March 1, 2018 Parton donated her 100 millionth book at the Library of Congress: a copy of "Coat of Many Colors" dedicated to her father, who never learned to read or write.


if you want to listen to one of her many songs.

Now, back to the normal post. You might even imagine this is Dolly talking to her husband.

This is the best solution for many problems.

Your wife should always be smiling

and really
bottoms up

Hope the hurricanes dissipate, or pass to open water quickly. 



how to use the hair brush

 The spanker should always be in charge, and determine the time and the where. Positioned by a window can add extra worry to the man about to be spanked.

The goal is a really red bottom, as shown in this next photo
1. In no uncertain terms, order him over your knee

Be certain to use STRENGTH, as the bottom  is nicely padded and can be soundly spanked
2. Alternating cheeks, but never with a discernible pattern so that each  spank is unknown where it will land

3. Firm spanks, slowly allows the spank to be felt, and the spankee does not lose control
4. Rapid strokes and the feet will start dancing, unless prevented, and the spankee will start squirming and moaning.

5. Leisurely and hard, lets the spankee know their spanking has a long way to go yet. (Plus, the spanker can enjoy the red as it appears and grows brighter on the spankee's bottom

6. Experiment: This next position will have the man confused, and a real wallop of a spank can be given.
7. For a really long spanking, best everyone be comfortable. His arms will not have the weight of supporting his body, and his feet will be able to dance a merry jig.

Similarly, this  woman can just lay there and feel every spank

as with this implement, over time the shine and luster will have vanished from your brush
as has the finish on our bath brush.

Enjoy being the spanker 

bottoms up



as it should be

 A simple post to encourage women to use spanking for the betterment of their marriage

I fine it makes me more submissive if Cindy has me stand in front of her and she lowers my pants and underwear, using words at the same time that these need to come down, so your bare bottom can be really spanked by me.

EXPECTATIONS: I would not use the word obedience, but much prefer " the wife should expect her husband to be agreeable with her expectations"

If not, then punishment should solve the problem.

Enjoy Life

bottoms up



Game play deciding how you are spanked

I am not certain where I saw this on tumblr, but it is a fun little game you can play with your partner.

Cindy many times uses three implements, so we might try this sometime.

Please  leave a comment of what the three words you saw first?

Will  you play this game with your loved one?

Lastly, will you honestly say what you saw?


What did I find  first/




We have never done this, and I doubt Cindy would do it, but who knows.  

It is possible she might say do it yourself and I will watch

I know I will not be a happy camper

or she might say no, i will do it

 and you will never play this silly game again!

bottoms up