Wet Eyes

My spankings, when they occur, are getting stronger!

This is precisely what should be happening!

However, it is a dilemma for Cindy in not wanting to cause hurt, but at the same time needing to make a spanking effective.
Topping from the bottom, I have suggested to Cindy to pause for a bit when she thinks she has finished, and the re-start for many more spanks to be truly effective.

Cindy's spanking yesterday leaves me with a sore bottom 24 hours later. The spanking was the traditional  bare bottom over the knee spanking with a wooden bath brush. Cindy put on shoes that raised her legs, and always asks if my arms and shoulders are okay while over her knees, before spanking me.

Cindy did many spanks to the exact same spot until i was really squirming, then repeated the same treatment at another spot. The top of the back of my legs received significant attention, Cindy sometimes pauses to ask if I am breathing and not holding my breathe, but the noises of breath being expelled and inhaled told her that all was well.

Cindy finally stopped, but did not say to get up.  After about 30 seconds, which seemed forever, more even harder spanks were given everywhere, and now my eyes were wet. No tears on the cheeks, but this was a first.
Just thought looking at a woman's bottom being spanked is better than looking at mine!

When permitted to rise, I thanked her for my spanking, and was permitted to look in the mirror. My bottom showed large grey areas in the center of both cheeks, surrounded by red, going a bit down my legs.

My stress is reduced, and all is well for both of us.

Hopefully everyone reading this is wearing masks when they go into any store, avoiding crowds,  and specially bars, and thus doing everything they can to stay healthy. Death rate today in the USA was over 1000, FOR ONE DAY.  GET SERIOUS PEOPLE!

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a really effective spanking, which you richly needed. Best regards, Graham

Anonymous said...

Top picture is Miss Holly one of the best pro discipline spankers ever. She also had for a short time Southeastern Woodshed videos. She retired from the scene. Yesterday morning my wife also gave me a stress relief spanking unfortunately she stopped to soon lol.

Red said...

Graham: i really did need it, and as this pandemic goes on for many more months, I will need it more often.

anon: yes, i conversed with Miss Holly many years ago, but found her spankings too strong to post pictures. Talk to your wife, that you appreciate her spanking you, but that stronger is acceptable if she deems it necessary.

Bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I don't know if they're for stress relief or not and the times or attitude vary. BUt sometimes out of the blue my wife say's I need a spanking or she thinks I can use a spanking. She isn't just thinking out loud when she say's this because I most often times end up getting one then and there or very soon afterward.
As far as getting a reason why the answer is usually;
"Because I said so."
"It's been a while."
" It's time."
Or I ask why and she answers;
"Get the belt"
"Get the brush"
"Get undressed"

The spankings are sound and if I press to hard or fuss prior it can be a spanking followed by an ass whipping with the belt. Then I hear, "See I knew you needed it!"