Most men have seen this while out with their wife/girlfriend at sometime in their life.

It may be up close and personal

IT may be from a distance
It may be from across the room  as  you have been to busy looking at other women to notice
or it might be while you are relaxing on a chair, when you had been requested to do some task
Whatever the reason
Your excuses will not be accepted

and might even cause further annoyance
All that is left is for her to decide what implement or more that she intends to use on your bare backside

bottoms up

video came from a posting on a tumblr site.
If you like the video: visit www.strictmiss.comwww.strictmiss.com



Tomy Nash said...

I would take a second look at some of those staring "women" becuase they are children.

Tomy Nash said...

What happened to my comment from yesterday about the children in some of those photos?I hope it was lost in error.

Red said...

hi Tomy: Second look says possibly, so I changed three photos. Never want any depiction of 19 and younger, even though some in their 20's still look very young. Thus, thank you for the comment, and I removed those photos. Comments are prevented from being posted until I approve them, so we were obviously on a different schedule. I schedule a few posts at a time, and thus do not visit daily. bottoms up