some days you need a spanking

Occasionally, little things add up and everyone gets a little grumpy, or in Cindy's case, stressed. This has been ongoing for a few days, but Cindy is not in the mood to spank me.

Somehow, she gets it in her head that she is worried that she will not satisfy everyone who we are allowed to see. She is always amazing, but has self-doubt. Where we live the group size has increased, so we are seeing children and grandchildren.

I finally convinced her to try this!

The solution is quite easy!

Just say the following

and then

Problem is being solved
Sometimes, in stating why she is spanking, she gets upset about the problem, instead of focusing on the solution.

Thus,  before starting, I advised her not to think of what is wrong, simply relax and spank. me,. 

I suggested when she thinks she is finished
she should pause then do more spanks to be certain.

Cindy gave a REAL spanking. 

She amazingly used the time to tell me how wonderful I am, and the things she loves that I do.

She spent time on the back of the legs, plus all over my bottom with the WOODEN BATH BRUSH!

Cindy liked the idea, stopped, and then re-started to be certain I was well enough spanked

We both feel so much better after the spanking!

Cindy has a big smile on her face. 

This will work for your partner and you

I promise!

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

I have no say, my wife decides, and I have learned, do as told and quickly. Jack

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

I didn't know that about Sinatra. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

The second clip is very good. That is how a woman should deal with her partner when he annoys her. Grab him, pull him across her knee and give him a good, hard spanking right on the spot! I think this would help a lot of relationships.

Anonymous said...

The clips are how my wife spanks usually, for effect and results and she usually gets them.
I tend to not be over her lap long but the result lasts all day.William

Red said...

Jack: perfect
Dan: He did a lot of good things. Look up on Wikipedia and elsewhere
anon: true
William thanks for sharing
bottoms up