leg lock to keep you in place

The opposite of spreading your legs for the spanking, is having your partner lock your legs.
The obvious advantage
is that you are not going to squirm and avoid any spanks
 No matter how red and sore your bottom is, the spanker will keep you in position
Another advantage is that the spanker can do a more leisurely spanking
At least leisurely for her, and let the burn build
Cindy sometimes does a rapid spanking, and then is out of breathe. Not a problem when you are pinned like this.

The only disadvantage is that the spanker does not have the reward of seeing your feet dancing, but she can feel the attempt in her thighs, so maybe that is a good thing for her.

Has your partner ever used this method?
 and holding his arm to make certain that  he does not put his hand to stop the spanking.

bottoms up



Dan said...

My wife hasn't used the leg lock in a long time. I was told if I don't stay still and take my spanking it will last a lot longer if she has to use a leg lock.

Spanked Cowboy said...

A leg lock is not used very often here. Like Dan said, I have been told to stay in place or else and I have learned well. I do like the photos and the video above.

Red said...

Dan: seems a reasonable response if you do not stay in place

spankedcowboy: glad you have learned like Dan, and that you enjoyed the post
bottoms up