how your mood is improved

Your mood improves, whenever she
it might be followed by a quick word

that when we are home, I want to make my hand print look RED on one of your cheeks

 enjoy the thought

and have a fun day

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My wife learned while we were dating, a trip across her lap, a hairbrush, and the bottom bare brings the results that she wants to see of me, and I feel better, sitting is not easy, but I feel better.Jack

Spanked Cowboy said...

Oh, how true here. A good bare bottom spanking always improves my mood. Whether fun, sensual, stress relief, or maintenance, spankings makes me feel much better. i will even go to punishment spankings, although disliked at the time, I must admit, when they are over, a clean slate with my Dominant Mistress is a wonderful feeling.

Red said...

Jack: you married a really good woman
SpankedCowboy: sounds prefect, but your punishment spankings are so FIERCE!
bottoms up