How to use implements to create fireworks on the fourth of July

A little post on how to be effective when spanking , and be certain to social distance today
Everyone must social distance, as over 50,000 new cases a day and rising is insane.

Be certain that a drink does not cause problems, thus it is recommended the following methods be used for all  men:

How to create your own fireworks in the comfort of your home

1.Be certain to have a good swing with the long tawse. Notice how effectively his feet dance after each stroke

2. The flinch trying to hold position lets you know the message is being received.

3. Quick repetition keeps the feet dancing non-stop

4. The most important idea is to make it effective. ( what a beautiful controled stroke.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

My wife believes the Bath Brush is the best for spankings. The long handle really is the key. Over her lap and feeling the sting of this Bath Brush is the worse. Talk about a spanking dance of all time, I give one each time.

Red said...

anon: the bath brush is effective
bottoms up