Daily spankings

After the day where I was given two strong spankings, spankings have become frequent.

How frequent?

Since that day, I have been spanked each day. Today was the fifth day in a row.

Simply put, I am not submissive enough, and argue back, or else I raise my voice in a disagreement.

We are stopping these disagreements quicker than ever before. Sometimes, Cindy just simply retrieves the wooden spoon or wooden soup stirrer in the kitchen and tells me to bend over and bare my bottom.

The spankings do not end quickly, and they are done with a purpose. Thus, they are much harder and longer than what used to be the case.  When Cindy is finished the spanking, I am permitted to rise.

I thank for her the spanking, and apologize for my behavior.

Twice a spanking did not occur immediately, so shortly there after, I am apologizing and asking to be spanked. Today was a quick twenty strokes with the cane on my bare bottom.

We were in the bedroom, so over two pillows to give Cindy a clear target. No screaming, but certainly significant.
Obviously, the two photos are women, as they are far  more beautiful than looking at my bottom.

We are really doing well before and after, and are adjusting to minimize any conflict. however, the stress sometimes gets to one of us.

On the plus side, ZERO TOLERANCE is the word for the current time, and ANY slipup is a spanking.

My biggest  fault is to not become frustrated and lash out, even if it is just four words, like I do not care

Honestly, we are doing wonderfully together, after more than 45 years of marriage, and solving any annoyance immediately.

Have you been spanked more frequently, or are you spanking your partner more frequently.

bottoms up
Love this photo of Johnny Cash!

however, let us not judge each other, rather, lets work together for the goodness inherent in all of us.
 and now a smile

one for the ladies


Baxter said...

In defense of the strap over the pile of dirt, there could be a body under it.

Spanked Cowboy said...

Not during my current relationship, but prior during my second marriage, we practiced daily spankings for awhile. I was still working then, so I was not around during the day. Evenings were taken up with other things life involves. That kept immediate spankings to a minimum, so each night at bedtime I received my daily spanking. I admit, they are not as effective as immediate spankings are, but reflecting back on my day, I never doubted I needed one. Spankings were long and quite hard and many a night I slipped into crisp cool sheets with a bright red and on fire bottom.

In this relationship, my life is much different in retirement, so being around nearly all the time, immediate spankings are given. Daily??? no I tend to behave better than that. More than one per day??? yeah it has happened.
My choice.....even though I liked a daily spanking especially at bed time. I think I like our current method better.

Red said...

Baxter: good thinking.
Spanked Cowboy: your current situation seems perfect. Thanks for sharing.
bottoms up