Some photos just make you have that WOW reaction!

example 1: you are in for some serious correction, but the start will be amazingly beautiful

Wow 2: if she applies the strokes like this, I would be amazed that you could stay in position, and you would remember this forever.
Wow#3: imagine you r partner has built up this collection, with nineteen and maybe more, so that each tawsing feels a little different every second day of each month

Wow#4: if you have ever seen Scottish dancing over swords, this might be how the dancers are trained. For each one you touch with your toes, it get used on your bare bottom for at least six of the best.
 Wow#5: On Sadie Hawkins day, the ladies not only get to choose their partner, but they also get to choose their  carpet beater on which to leave their mark for the date.
and finally, if you are going to birch or use another implement to spank someone, do it WELL!
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erotic captions by two women

If you have ever thought that someone watching your spanking would be erotic, here is a post you will enjoy.
Time for some home roasting of the bottom 
Many fantasies keep it in the family
 but some could be showing his future wife how to keep him in line and happy

but friends might also like to give a helping hand
 keep practicing, you will find your rhythm soon

but if your wife is shy, a friend can always offer to give her some lessons
 wait until she learns how to use a hair brush. Almost every woman is a natural when using it

or maybe his future mother in law will happily demonstrate  her technique to her daughter

 demonstration time
so many fun scenarios you can think of (Why not leave a comment of what this next photo caption might be!

Be certain you do not behave in a way that every female who knows your wife is offended!

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 wish i could convince Cindy of this!



thought for today

Thought for today
 It just needs his partner to insist
and spank when necessary

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tumblr for smiles and thought provoking memes

I am really enjoying a few tumblrs, where the woman (in both cases) has a delightfully humorous, sarcastic, intelligent point of view.
wish this was true for politicians
I have been posting from this tumblr

 over the last few weeks
It is safe for everyone, so you do NOT need a tumblr account.

I LOVE this one

 positives of masks
 try it

enjoy. If you have a tumblr account, put some likes to give more encouragement, and also follow her tumblr.

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