WOW! Front THONG bathing suits for women

Well,  the summer may be wonderful,

if we are permitted to go to the beach.


You can see and read more at the following site.


Some thongs have more material than others
Unfortunate they did not also show use the view from behind.

Get to the beach as soon as you can, but expect to be spanked when you get home for subtle gawking.

sounds like a win win

bottoms up



Glenmore said...

Very nice but for me the real pleasure of a thong is still the rear view ....

Bruno y Mia said...

I humbly offer you my blog with 100% real stories with my submissive girlfriend

Joe said...

Beautiful from all angles.

Baxter said...

Waiting now for a front thong bathing suit with a full forest of pubic hair behind it. LOL. seriously, that is carrying things a bit too far, I am not a prude however. I probably would stare.

juliesp said...

I'm annoyed by thongs. I'm annoyed wearing them. I'm annoyed seeing them. You're showing us practically everything anyways, just take the darned thing off!

Red said...

glenmore: both sides are beautiful to me

Bruno: thanks

Joe: true

Baxter: win win: you stare, wife sees it and you get spanked

Juliesp: I am totally in favor of nude beaches, but until every beach is clothing optional, this could be fun.

bottoms up