Spanking art Wednesdays

Many people enjoy everything about spanking.

case 1: They are both thinking about it, and she seems to be smiling somewhat with a very red bottom.
Case 2: Sometimes you need someone to tell and show you how much your partner enjoys being spanked.
 Case 3: we may protest, but Wolfie knows that you may be smiling while it is happening
 Case 4: It has to be consensual... and the good thing about consensual, then you can pretend that you do not want to be spanked, while secretly being happy. Word to the wise: tell your spanker you enjoy most parts of the spanking, and thank you for spanking me.
 Case 5: the ideal situation where both spanker and spankee are smiling
Case 6: Carry the spanking implement to your spanker, and hand it to her to spank you! It is really straight forward thing to do.
 cse 7: when you know you are about to be spanked, be calm. (soon, you will be making lots of noise)
I enjoy everything about spanking, but, not actually while the spanking is going on. (inwardly maybe, but the actual spanks should and do HURT!

bottoms up



Spanked Cowboy said...

A great 'T' shirt....are they available???

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Red. Your blog is the first thing I read each morning.

kdpierre said...

I can't help but think that Peter Pan one is absurdly backwards. Did the cartoonist ever read or see "Peter Pan"? LOL

Baxter said...

The mix of emotions during a spanking are interesting. The prominent one is acknowledging the pain of the implement. The underlying one is pleasure that you are getting what you wanted. It has taken me some time, but when my wife is spanking me, I have learned to enjoy the pain as it will be over very quickly and won't be anymore for a few days. During it, I am not sure I am outwardly smiling, but inwardly I am. It is hard to describe, but then you all know what I am talking about.

Red said...

spankedcowboy: no idea, but it is a fun tee shirt, and she fills it out well
anon: thanks, but wish you would create a google or some email account so I can follow whenever you comment

KdPierre: true, but spanking Wendy when she is 18 or older would be delightful

Baxter: well stated. Worthwhile as a post, so I will use it sometime soon
bottoms up