spankees when social distancing keeps people apart

Social distancing is bad enough, but spare a thought for submissives unable to feel the touch of their authoritarians.   So for today, imagine you are instructing, or being instructed on how to do the self spanking.

Quite possibly, you might be instructed what  to be wearing when you spank yourself
Possibly stand against the door, and use a belt to spank yourself
 Bare bottom high in the air as you use your hair brush
Use the nice round paddle, that covers one cheek perfectly on each spank
Raise the implement high so that it arrives a tyour bottom with force
|Use a few implements until your bottom is beet red
 kneeling at the side of the bed, use the tawse on your bottom like how people used to smack a horse to get it going.
use your hand to get a nice red color, and look at your bottom getting red.
relax and do this slowly.
Then use the bath brush like I would have done, and smile thinking about the next time i wil spank you
Fun thoughts. Maybe you would like to put a few captions.

PS: please remember when you read my blog, that I own none of the content.

Please also remember that any political views i wish to express  are mine, and I will start to post more as time goes by. If this offends you, do not let the door hit your butt on the way out (oops, you probably would like that)

It really is time for many people to say: Racism, intolerance, white supremacy, billionaires and trillionaires. Enough!

bottoms up



sissy snow said...

three of my wifes friends know of how we live and enjoy joining in on occasion. a slight variation to lock down self spanking. sometimes they visit for dinner. for after dinner fun the ladies have sometimes directed me how to position myself and spank myself insisting im not trying hard enough i inevitably end up at their hands.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

you can deliver a striking blow from 6 feet apart at your goodies.....it even has a bigger impact, because the spanker can use a longer arc.

Spanking galore!

Kind regards,


Red said...

snow: glad to know you are having fun, but not that friends are dropping by.

Marco: any decent cane will keep the spanker far enough away, and not near the face of the spankee.

bottoms up