holey terror

Some of you may have purchased this from the Disciplinary Wives Club so many years ago.

on the wall, you may avoid it, on the table, it is about to be used
Slowly applied, it's terror increases, as you know many more are on their way
gripping firmly does not really help
and standing is really very effective for a  longer spanking.
Wood Burns. Cindy has not used this in a long time.


bottoms up



Tomy Nash said...

OMG, I can still picture Aunt Kay drawing out her designs for those paddles so long ago. And you know the prototypes were tested on my shiny little butt.

Spanked Cowboy said...

We have several wood paddles of varying widths, shapes, and thicknesses, many have holes. A paddling from a wood implement usually meant deep tissue soreness lasting days in some cases. Living alone with no children, my Dominant and I frequently leave toys out and in plain sight. Our agreement and rules along with the list of spankable offenses is framed and hanging on the wall. I love some of those photos pf a holed paddle in use.

Anonymous said...

Indeed! More than one... Graham

Anonymous said...

N.had a paddle with holes and it made for "interesting" marks :-)
J., on the other hand, uses only "regular" paddles, which are readily available in the kitchen - and mostly uses over the weekend when I fail to perform the chores she has assigned...along with the martinet and/or the maple switches...

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I have a paddle hanging on the wall in the bedroom. We have not gone so far as to keep it in a room where visitors might see it. I wonder though, in the last few decades relations between the sexes have changed dramatically and they are still changing. The way things are going, with femdom and F/M spanking gradually becoming mainstream, it might soon be quite normal to keep spanking implements in the living room.

Anonymous said...

I got a lexan paddle from Cane-i-ac when we tried (and failed...) to include discipline for me (husband). It has holes. I tried it on myself to see just what it might be like. It instantly went into hiding and I never had the nerve to present it. If there was one good thing that we didn't succeed at DD, not having this used on me would be it. I have no doubts whatsoever that it would've brought me to sobs, where the bathbrush didn't. What a friggin' sting!

Red said...

Tomy: always good to have fond memories. Hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself.

Spankedcowboy: thanks for sharing. Without children, and now without visitors, leaving them out in view is fine for everyone.

Graham: are they used on your bottom or by you?

L: imagined you would have many different ty pes

John: probably not in my lifetime

anon: Life does not have to be3 DD. But an occasional spanking to show displeasure, and your making the effort to change that behavior, could lead to more spankings. Try it
bottoms up