Frequent sex helps people age well

This should be a no-brainer, as readers of this blog would already know this.


Saving you from reading the entire study:

The current study replicates previous findings (Wright & Jenks, 2016), showing that overall cognitive scores were consistently higher in those who are sexually active compared to those than those who are not. It extends these findings by showing increasing scores on two specific cognitive domains (fluency and visuospatial ability; with the latter approaching significance) with increasing frequency of Sexual Activity (from never, to monthly, to weekly).

The current study was limited by the definition of Sexual Activity (i.e., intercourse, masturbation, and petting). Aside: I assume they included oral sex.

love the subtly of her holding the brush

For many of use, spanking causes a man to be become erect, and a woman to become moist. 

  • Reading spanking stories, 
  • looking at pictures or videos of spanking, 
  • imagining you were the one spanking or being spanked, 
  • the emotions involved with the setting (being watched, peeking at a spanking, so many variations), 
  • creating spanking blogs, 
  • there are many more facets that can be described, but all lead to the heightening of the libido, 

I  say this quite freely because it has this effect on me.

So, a question: 

Has spanking increased the sexual activity in your relationship?

bottoms up

above photo from Wolfie's wonderful blog.


Baxter said...

I fantasize about spanking a lot, especially driving on interstates, like I was yesterday. But spanking is typically part of our foreplay. If I really need a spanking, I hand my wife a leather belt and she spanks me while I am on top having sex with her. Pain and pleasure.

Red said...

sounds like fun
bottoms up