female in charge photos

There is always a level of submissiveness achieved by the woman being clothed, and the man being naked.
 Yo0uo can just imagine some of the niceties being stated
yes dear, yoou are sorry, but you still need to be strongly spanked, and I intend to do that now!
 Yes, wait there while I go and get the rubber paddle
Are you ladies watching for new ideas?
now hold that position until I am ready to give you the rest of your spanking
Bet he behaves better in the future.

bottoms up



Baxter said...

The gif above of the woman strapping the guy is similar to a video on spanking tube a few months ago. The guy was tied down and the woman strapped him hard 230 times, yes I counted, as I watched the video a couple of times.


I have to admit that more women have seen me naked, in a face to face situation than I have seen women naked. It does exaggerate the power exchange of the situation.


Spanked Cowboy said...

The very first statement in this episode tells everything in my opinion. We practice CFNM all the time at home or elsewhere if at all possible. I am kept totally nude and she is clothed nearly all the time. This began on day one of our DD relationship. Within minutes of the 'actual' beginning of the DD household, I was stripped, spanked and clothes taken. She lays out what I am to wear whenever we go anyplace. We have a true 'woman in charge' relationship....isn't life great !!!!

Red said...

Baxter: WOW!

perfectdt: definitely would amp up the power exchange

spankedcowboy: glad it works for both you and your girl friend

bottoms up