Dealing with stress via spanking

Well, we get testy at times, and I am the main culprit. Little tiffs occur, and I have not been permitting my submissive, social side to respond, but somewhat lashing out.

I have asked Cindy to please start spanking sooner and harder, for however long it takes to get back on track.

Thus, two tiffs today, and possibly a third.

The first spanking had me setting up the spanking chair,  and placing Cindy's spanking shoes in front of them. When Cindy entered the bedroom, she sat on the spanking chair, and I put her high heel shoes on her feet. this raises her knees, so it is more comfortable for her to have me over her lap.

I then retrieved the BODY SHOP BATH BR|USH, which is truly wicked. It is much heavier, thicker, and wider on the spanking part (the top of the brush).

A long spanking ensued, with rests for Cindy, and when we were finished, my eyes were very moist but no actual tears. I made certain not to raise my feet upright to brace myself, and did my best to keep the toes firmly on the ground, with only a bit of movement.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and we went on about the day.

Later this afternoon, it was spanking number two, This was done with both the bath brush and the short tawse. It was a really strong spanking. Cindy was propped up on the bed backboard, and myself bare bottomed  over her knees. She might have been dismayed that the red had  disappeared from the first spanking.

She started with maybe eight spanks all to the exact same place, then repeated this on the other cheek. Numerous more spanks spread everywhere, then a pause.

Now the short tawse, visited lower and higher on  my bottom, with many repeats in the exact same spot before moving on to another spot. Cindy even adopted to move my bottom cheeks towards my head, so as to  repeatedly spank the crack between cheek and top of the legs (the sit spot) .  many  to one side, then repeat the method on the other cheek. The back of the legs were also spanked, as was the top of my bottom. Some really strange groan type noises were uttered by me unknowingly, and Cindy paused to ask about it. Saying that it was just a reaction, she was satisfied and recommenced spanking.

My bottom is quite on fire while writing this, and it is not yet 5pm.

I have asked Cindy to please initiate a spanking whenever I do not respond politely to anyone. I have been barking at people(strangers) when they come up to me to say something while outdoors, and they are not wearing a mask, but I need to simply turn away and ask them to please wear a mask for my safety.

Many more spankings will help cure my stress, hopefully.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

That is how I got my first spanking from my girlfriend now my wife. My stressing out over little things, she had enough, I never knew a spanking could hurt so much.

Joe said...

Not much spanking for me right now with 2 of our children in the house and I could really use a good thrashing.

Spanked Cowboy said...

Stress relief spankings used to be more prevalent in our relationship when I worked in part time security. Either before reporting to work or immediately following my return, she seemed to know when one was needed. Neither punishment or maintenance, just simply being spanked would do wonders for my outlook. Not so much now that I am fully retired, but occasionally it still occurs. Again, she seem to know when and says, somebody needs their stress relieved. I dutifully bare and present my ass saying yes ma'am. The she proceeds to spank the stress out of my body and mind. Stress relief spankings are great.

Dan said...

Spanking not only takes care of my stress it also takes care of my attitude.

Anonymous said...

loved the post today!! I am still working on things with my wife, but I tune in here to get a smile and ideas!! Cheers, Jack!

Oh and thank you for reminding us all that masks are a sign of respect for other's health!

Anonymous said...

No, masks will not keep you from getting sick, but if you are infected and have no symptoms (which often happens), they will keep you from infecting other people. This will slow the spread of the virus. The slower the virus spreads, the less the burden on hospitals and doctors and the more time to find a remedy.

Red said...

anon: done for real, it hurts for real

Joe: hope that lack has been satisfied since you posted.

Spanked Cowboy: yes, they really help make life happier

Dan: definitely solves both stress, and behavior caused by stress.

Jack: you are welcome

Richard: absolutely true
bottoms up