Couples with one dominant partner are happier and produce more children

This is certainly worth a read, and to think about.


Here are a few of the words you will find inside.

the boom in births applies whether it is the man or the woman in charge. This may be partly because strong women find submissive men sexy, the Czech researchers say.

Women were in charge in 24.2 per cent of cases, 

The researchers said: 'Too often, we are told to view even mild dominance and submissiveness as a problem. 
Our results challenge the frequently held belief in equality within couples as a trademark of functional partnerships.

Cindy and I are NOT EQUAL   I am the Dominant personality, and Cindy is very submissive to my ideas. I have always been this way. However, I have a submissive side, and have tried to foster this for our mutual benefit. It took a lot of convincing to get Cindy to spank me, but she has become comfortable with it, and has seen it's benefits. If I do something that she dislikes, she has recourse to correct it.  She initiates many of my spankings', but at times, I feel overwhelmed, so ask for a spanking. Now she accepts my request instantly.

She spanks harder and more effectively than ever before, and is quite proud of how well spanked and red (grey) my bottom is, the back of my legs have red, and how much i danced and owwed while being spanked.

I have deleted most of my spanked bottom photos, but here is one.  it used a flash, as my bottom was much redder, and their is significant redness below the cheeks now. This is from four years ago.

Here is another link 


Why Do Some Women Prefer Submissive Men? Hierarchically Disparate Couples Reach Higher Reproductive Success in European Urban Humans

Enjoy reading.

Maybe you might like to give a summary of your spanking relationship with your partner, or you can send it privately and I will use it as a specific post.

bottoms up
and thus we can now do better at stopping the violence against  black and other people.

For any  President (Meaning Donald TRUMP) to say, when a Civil Rights March has white Superiority people standing against them on the opposite side of the Police:
" Their are good people on both sides"
He has lost all immoral authority to govern

Here is one example, for all his faults (because too be human means you have faults) of HOW A PRESIDENT ACTS AND BEHAVES!
Bless you, President Jimmy Carter.


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