Both spanked

It had been more than a week, and with more than enough reasons, Cindy used the tawse on my bottom, yesterday.

Over her knees, on the bed, with her back against  a pillow against the head board, a significant spanking with the short tawse. My bottom may have softened ever so slightly, but this spanking was strong because many  spanks were to the top of my bottom. This is an area never spanked by wood, but is a fine place to spank with leather, as the meat on the flesh is even less here.
(not our position, but effective)
I thanked Cindy for the spanking after being permitted to stand up.

Later, the love making was intense and delicious.

My bottom was still sore today, but Cindy erred enough that she needed to be spanked. My sitting on the spanking chair, with Cindy bare bottomed over my knees, was a delightful experience for me if not for Cindy.  Ten firm spanks with the wooden hair brush, had Cindy very unhappy,  with a lot of OOWWW and no more please.   The ten were finished, and Cindy was permitted to stand up, and she thanked me for the spanking. Her bottom was only a bit red, but the problem was solved and today has been another great day.

(only ten, and not a bath brush)
Probably tomorrow, it will be my turn OTK, and I am certain it will be significant.

bottoms up



Spanked Cowboy said...

Only a one way relationship here. I get spanked...she does not. I do know a few couples that practice a 2-way relationship and must say both parties enjoy and appreciate giving and receiving their spankings when needed.

Red said...

spanked cowboy: Cindy is rarely spanked, but the fact that she could be spanked is helpful in the relationship, when she has really done something she regrets.

bottoms up