Audrey Knight can spank

A quick post, which is really a very caring, effective disciplinarian.

I have loved everything I have seen of Ms. Knight, from the begins when she was being spanked, to now when she is the spanker.

i like this little gif, because she is carefully analyzing the spankee's bottom, to make certain it is still safe to be spanked, without doing injury.

However, the spank she delivers is mightily effective.

If Cindy sees this, and copies the method, I am in deep doo doo.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Is Audrey still active in the scene?

I always wanted to see the full videos on spanking360 but could never find them

Baxter said...

I think once in a while, a spanking like what Ms Knight gives, is in order

Red said...

anon: I do not think so

Baxter: I agree

bottoms up