asking to be spanked

At times, we go to visit family, and social distance significantly. However, if they say no groups more than five, we are actually six people. The rest of the time we go for hikes on a nearby trail, doing different parts each day. Gardening is now in full gear, but really, is that what life is about.

Something does have to change, as really, we are just living in the twilight zone. We are not stopping and crushing the virus! Flattening the curve is the most ridiculous idea imaginable.  We are simply waiting for a vaccine, that may never appear.

In England, politicians are opening schools, but the same politicians are NOT opening Parliament, as it is unsafe.

At times, I am quite overwhelmed. My outlet is reading spanking blogs, and looking at photos, gifs, and short videos of spanking and other sexual activities.

This leads to the desire to be spanked. Fifteen minutes ago, I asked Cindy to spank me, and she agreed.  Upstairs, her sitting halfway up the bed, and myself bare bottomed over her knees, with my full body on the bed.

The bath brush was used long and hard, and then paused, a discussion about weight, more hard bath brush including back of legs, more discussion, more spanks, and then a really hard finishing flurry. I know I have a trick that I cross my feet at the ankles, that makes the body more rigid, and thus I do not feel the spanks as much.  Thus, when I started to do this trick, I consciously prevented myself from doing it.

If you ask for a spanking, avoiding it's effects is ridiculous.

When we finished, Cindy was quite proud of herself, and stated I should look in the mirror.  A really large grey area on each cheek, surrounded by a larger red area. A really good spanking.

We are both relaxed, and about to make dinner.

If you need a spanking, ASK FOR ONE. 

Your loving partner will most likely agree.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

My wife when dating would with a smile say I needed a spanking. I would smile back, knowing it would not happen. I finally decided to see if she meant it. I walked into the front room, naked, hairbrush in hand, it was in the evening and lets see if you mean it. Once I got off her lap, I knew she meant it, and the worse was being told it was not the last spanking I would be getting. She smiled, looked at me, how does your bottom feel, I said not smiling, it hurts, good she said, the next time will be on my terms.

Baxter said...

I ask to be spanked on a regular basis and my wife gives me a good one. Sometimes in the kitchen, she will be pissed at me about something I did or did not do and say I should be spanked and she will be looking around for a suitable implement. I tell her the bread board is right over there and she doesn't hesitate to lay in 10-12 or so spanks. And I thank her and say I am sorry for whatever the issue is and it is over. Whether I ask for it or deserve it, a spanking is always, in my mind, a good thing and the burn on my butt lasts for a while.


I wish I could ask for a spanking right now. But there is no one to ask and no way of finding someone, until the situation changes.


Kyrel said...

I wish my wife would be as willing to spank me as you describe Cindy is to spank you. Unfortunately my wife's not into it, and she's not naturally dominant, so even when she tries once in a blue moon, it doesn't come naturally to her, which makes it a bit of a "flat" experience. I still love her to bits though :-)

(On a P.S., I'm not sure I can agree with the last picture. while I agree that people needing to stand in line for food aid is an indication of something having messed up somewhere, I'm not convinced that it can necessarily and correctly be correlated to a small percentage being ultra rich at the same time. The poor don't get richer by making the rich poorer. It just decreases the income distance between the two groups, and while having everyone equally poor might make for an equal society, it doesn't make anyone better off.)

juliesp said...

Ask and ye shall receive.

When my husband clenches, I make him unclench by visiting the backs of his thighs. I tell him he keeps getting spanked there until I start seeing some jiggling in that ass!

Spanked Cowboy said...

A bit more lucky here, I guess. I have asked for stress relief spankings only a few times and she was pleased to deliver one. Spanked for maintenance, but they are scheduled so no need to ask for one. Punishment spankings are at her discretion and delivered at the time of the offense. Back to stress relief spankings.....she seems to know better than I when one is needed.

Anonymous said...


Don't you understand that money is nothing more than debt?
The more money someone has, points out that many others have debts.

It's not a crime to be a bit more socialistic.
If capitalism is so great, why does socialism needs to help it out every ten years?
And make no mistake, Kyrel. Socialism is not communism.

It's an asylum, runned by uncivilised bullies.
Vote a clown, recieve a circus.

A country get's the leadership it deserves.
I'll leave it to that.

Kind regards,

Marco, a Dutchman thinking 'WTF' when he sees what is happening in the land of oppertunity.

Red said...

anon: thanks for sharing

Baxter: glad to know your wife solves problems in a similar fashion to Cindy.

perfectdt: hope the situation is rectified soon, or resort to a real self spanking in the meantime.

Kyrel: maybe overtime it will change. As for social justice, a 100 million contribution to public education in poor working class areas would do wonders for every one, and I cannot imagine it affecting their lifestyle. A trillionaire: 100 billion would not affect their life whatsoever, but just imagine the number of Americans it could help. I am not a fan of any Communist government, but in Cuba in 1916, long before Castro:
Hershey, Cuba, was founded by Milton Hershey, the American chocolate tycoon who founded Hershey, Pennsylvania. Hershey invested his own money to found this town around 30 miles east of Havana, and built houses for his workers.

Juliesp: A wonderful idea that I will suggest to Cindy, at sometime while we are just talking and I am not about to be spanked.

SpankedCowboy: lucky man. Do not lose this lady.

Marco: I disagree. People wanted a change from the Democrats, specially Hillary Clinton. In a time of sexist behavior, her husband, while being president, lied about sex with an intern made her a bad choice for the Democrats. She oozed corruption (on the board of Walmart), and her inaction as secretary of state costing an American ambassador, staff their lives, and a Navy Seal, doomed her chances. Plus, Trump stated he would drain the swamp that is Congress, and people believed him. The American people do not deserve what is happening, but the leaders of both parties do deserve to be held accountable (but they won't be)
bottoms up

Kyrel said...

Anonymous: I'm from Denmark. Believe me, I understand the difference between Socialist and Communist. And as for money being debt, that's correct from one point of view, but that does not mean that you can conclude like you do, that if one guy has a lot of money, then a lot of other people have shared that amount as debt, in order for him to have the money. It doesn't work that way.

Red: The problem I have with the Ron Placone statement, is that while I agree that 100 billion more or less from a trillionaire isn't going to make much of a difference to the trillionaire, but could make a large difference to a lot of people with low income. But as someone living in a socialist country, let me say with the authority of experience, that just because you tax the trillionaire more, that does not necessarily mean that all that extra money ends up with the people on the other end of the income scale. Politicians of all colours tend to piss away money on whatever stuff they believes will gain them the most votes come next election. I agree that the rich should pay a resonable amount of taxes, but I disagree that they should pay a higher percentage of their income than others, just because they are rich. There's a saying in DK that "the broarder shoulders should bear the heavier burdens". Socialist in DK use that as an argument for progressive taxation of the "rich". People like me argue that working with percentages ensure that the rich guy pays more, if he earns more, i.e. if I earn 10 times what you earn, I pay 10 times as much in taxes as you do.

As I said, I agree that there is a problem, when you have people standing in line for food aid in a country, but what bothers me is that the focus always seem to end up on the ultra rich, and then the arguments focus on how we can make them poorer. Why the hell don't people focus on how to make the poor richer instead? Yes, you might end up needing to find a way to finance the changes you want to make, and perhaps that entails some rich people paying more in taxes. But start focusing on how to raise the bottom, rather than focus on how to bring down the top. And accept that maybe some of the stuff you pay for, need to cost a bit more, in order for the low wage worker in the shop that sells it to you, can be paid a bit more per hour.

There's never such a thing as a free lunch, and as another saying goes, "socialism's biggest problem is that at some point you run out of other people's money."

Red said...

kyrel: thank you for taking the time to write such a good commentary. In Canada, they are all running around about systemic racism, and totally missing the point. Wages of the poor is a real problem. Making employers pay reasonable wages is a first step.
anyways,w e will never solve the problems on my blog.