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Something to think about
If it makes you  or your wife happy to spank you, then let the happiness begin. It  is both frightful and exciting if your wife springs a spanking on you when you least expect it
And this reply is so PERFECT!
so, relax, you are not going to change her mind

bottoms up


Baxter said...

This pandemic thing started us on retirement a few months earlier than expected. Due to the city locking down, I started working from home in mid March and five weeks later, put on temporary layoff. I had intended on retiring in July but the temporary layoff with unemployment checks got me started and we really enjoy it. I suppose they will call me back at some point, but I ain't going back. NFW. But to the point of your first picture, yeah, we are living our life now the way we want to and enjoying it immensely. Having the freedom to go out for a ride any day of the week or sleeping late or having a beer for lunch, hey, this is now our life. No more cubicle, no more fing stupid emails, no more office politics, no more grumpy coworkers. Life is for living and we are doing it our way. And yes, I am getting spanked more often, just because my wife knows I like it and also because I have done something stupid. Life is for living.

Red said...

Baxter: glad things are working out for you. We live in a large city, so hard to do things without many other people around. I miss traveling so very much.
Keep well, and keep having fun
thanks for sharing
bottoms up