A friend Wrote

Dear Red and Cindy

What a shame that you intend (or actually did) to put your blog to hiatus or hibernation - I can understand the reason as age is a reason for sure 😉

I didn't read your blog daily but regularly from time to time and usually enjoys your view of the world in general and spanking in particular. Although I am a submissive wife whose bottom is perfectly made for a proper spanking, thus I know the pleasure of being spanked - regardless if male or female.
What about your former plan to travel to the Alpes or to Eastern Europe? Still an option? In these days, I would recommend not to come as the country is a almost complete shut-down modus due to Covid-19. What other plans else - travelling internationally or staying in the US? 

My friend - all the best for the up-coming years and decades: health, emotional balance, empathy and a regular spanked bottom by your wife ðŸ™‚

Cheers and XXX
PS: Enjoy my poor reddened bum... recent pix from January - when it was cold and chilly in Austria.

This is from when I was first going to close this blog.  I have not closed it, obviously, but it will soon be a hiatus of unknown length.

Thanks for writing M.

A follow-up email

Hi Red

I like that you apparently continue your blog - despite your statement in March or so. Many thx!

Happy spanking - happy naughtiness - stay healthy

PS: Picture say more than 1.000 words ðŸ™‚

bottoms up


Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Love that last one. I may have to reuse it.

Red said...

Dan : be my guest
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Hi my friend - I incidentially noticed that you posted my stuff :) That feels great - I love it. Enjoy my new message to you - happy weekend - happy spanking - XXX Mari

Red said...

Mari: thanks for the photos and conversation. Always happy to chat with you. Hope everyone is well, and you are spanked as often as you like, plus one more so that you know you do NOT control your spankings.
bottoms up