\Be a good human: (and then a letter from a friend: John)

and now my post:

A friend wrote:

Hello Red,

Got a mail from our friend B about a picture on the net. 

And yes, it's definitely our old friend femke. 

D recognized the dress. 

Have so many good memories of our adventures and explorations in the past. 

Once she ordered me outside, she wanted to spank me in our garden. 

Regretfully D didn't allow this and I had to go inside for a continuation in  duet...

From time to time she traveled to England to visit clients. 

We think this party happened here in 2011/12. For me it's an iconic picture, which shows what can happen to naughty boys when they don't listen to instructions. 


Thanks for writing John.
(my additional comment about the photo: it is truly annoying when some tumblr finds a picture, and then adds their name to it. This tumblr has no posts.)

Anyone else want to write and send photos if you choose, so that I can have an interesting easy post.

bottoms up


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