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A tumblr blog has sprung back to life after a hiatus, and it is worthwhile for you to visit. It has excellent advice for every woman who is head of the household, or man if he is the head of the household.

The approach is quite similar to what Aunt Kay professed, and is worthwhile to read. Momma will answer intelligent and civil questions, so think about it if new to spanking.

I have included a few of her tips on how to do domestic discipline.
Momma’s Real Talk Tip 30:
Quiet Quarantine blues! Spending more time with the whole family everyday brings up lots of little issues that need straightened out. Unfortunately, the little ones are in the house too! I can’t just drop Poppa’s underoos and tan his behind in the living room! Spankings are usually loud, especially his crying! So how do we handle correction? Here are some tips.
I have taken him by the hand and led him to his study or my office, where I gave a quiet but stern scolding. I usually then put his nose against the wall, or in the corner, take his phone and set a timer. He may come out when the timer is up. I have washed his mouth out in the master bathroom once during this time, as it is quiet and unpleasant for him.
Finally, on a few occasions, I have sent the kids outside to play on the swing set or feed the animals. I then lock the bedroom door and over my knee he goes. A wooden spoon is much quieter than he will be, and you don’t have to spend long sorting out a sassy mouth or him leaving a mess! We can always wait til the children are good and asleep, realistically they do not wake up easily, but some things can be dealt with quickly. Good luck with lock down, let me know if you have any questions!

Momma’s Real Talk Tip 31:
Follow through! Alright, Ladies. You have threatened, redirected the behavior (chores, maybe?) and given a time out… but hubby still doesn’t shape up. It’s time to follow through.
There are many different ways to correct poor behavior, but they all hinge on a good spanking. The act of baring his bottom and being spanked by you will make him much more receptive of the other disciplinary measures you have to take. He needs to know you are willing to bare his bottom and put him in tears. Let him know his boundaries, and when he passes them, follow through. Let me know if we can talk through some solutions, Ladies! I’m here for you
The idea of spanking him into tears is one we have never tried, and I missed an opportunity due to cowardness when we once visited Aunt Kay. I have long regretted this, as Cindy I feel needs to have seen or at least heard me being spanked to tears.
Momma’s Real Talk Tip 29: 
The bad ones. I do not like it, but all marriages and relationships will have some events happen that rattle the roof. Things that are very upsetting. Things that are dangerous to him (he loves physical risk) to our relationship, or to our family. Selfishness, or dishonesty. As I am in charge of my husband’s behavior, I cannot afford to be sad and hurt... I have to take action to correct and direct. Again, this is not something I enjoy, but the consequences have to be severe.
This is when I put down my Momma spoon, and pick up the Principal’s paddle. I have a large school paddle in one of his dresser drawers, and it comes out for the very worst days. We both got the belt at home on very, very rare occasions. I have taken his belt to him in the past, and it works, but I found he hates the paddling worst of all. I bend him over the desk in my office, and the house needs to be empty, with the kids at least outside. He is going to be extremely vocal. These are the kind of paddlings that I have to be careful do not get me crying while giving it. But I stay strong, and make sure that he never, ever thinks about a repeat offence. Do not ease up, this is punishment as well as guidance. He will be wailing uncontrollably by the end, and that is hard for me to take. But I love him, and cannot let him think those behaviors are acceptable. This is for the good of our family, and our future.
If he needs it, Ladies, you will know it. Be strong, be brave, do not be gentle. He will love you even more for it. He just may not love chairs for a few days. I’m rooting for you.

I recommend you go visit, and read the captions below the pictures.

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Dealing with stress via spanking

Well, we get testy at times, and I am the main culprit. Little tiffs occur, and I have not been permitting my submissive, social side to respond, but somewhat lashing out.

I have asked Cindy to please start spanking sooner and harder, for however long it takes to get back on track.

Thus, two tiffs today, and possibly a third.

The first spanking had me setting up the spanking chair,  and placing Cindy's spanking shoes in front of them. When Cindy entered the bedroom, she sat on the spanking chair, and I put her high heel shoes on her feet. this raises her knees, so it is more comfortable for her to have me over her lap.

I then retrieved the BODY SHOP BATH BR|USH, which is truly wicked. It is much heavier, thicker, and wider on the spanking part (the top of the brush).

A long spanking ensued, with rests for Cindy, and when we were finished, my eyes were very moist but no actual tears. I made certain not to raise my feet upright to brace myself, and did my best to keep the toes firmly on the ground, with only a bit of movement.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and we went on about the day.

Later this afternoon, it was spanking number two, This was done with both the bath brush and the short tawse. It was a really strong spanking. Cindy was propped up on the bed backboard, and myself bare bottomed  over her knees. She might have been dismayed that the red had  disappeared from the first spanking.

She started with maybe eight spanks all to the exact same place, then repeated this on the other cheek. Numerous more spanks spread everywhere, then a pause.

Now the short tawse, visited lower and higher on  my bottom, with many repeats in the exact same spot before moving on to another spot. Cindy even adopted to move my bottom cheeks towards my head, so as to  repeatedly spank the crack between cheek and top of the legs (the sit spot) .  many  to one side, then repeat the method on the other cheek. The back of the legs were also spanked, as was the top of my bottom. Some really strange groan type noises were uttered by me unknowingly, and Cindy paused to ask about it. Saying that it was just a reaction, she was satisfied and recommenced spanking.

My bottom is quite on fire while writing this, and it is not yet 5pm.

I have asked Cindy to please initiate a spanking whenever I do not respond politely to anyone. I have been barking at people(strangers) when they come up to me to say something while outdoors, and they are not wearing a mask, but I need to simply turn away and ask them to please wear a mask for my safety.

Many more spankings will help cure my stress, hopefully.

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aging wisdom

Something to think about
If it makes you  or your wife happy to spank you, then let the happiness begin. It  is both frightful and exciting if your wife springs a spanking on you when you least expect it
And this reply is so PERFECT!
so, relax, you are not going to change her mind

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enjoy the experience and the trikini for the beach

A nice hand spanking can be enjoyable

So do have fun this weekend

and if you head to the beach, the newest fashion is the trikini

Hope this post made you smile

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thought and dreams for today

thought for today, and dreams for today
Make certain my bottom is red enough to your satisfaction
thus, a clear lexan paddle does have it's advantages

Imagine being asked to spank these find ladies
 or as many as you have arm strength to handle
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Frequent sex helps people age well

This should be a no-brainer, as readers of this blog would already know this.


Saving you from reading the entire study:

The current study replicates previous findings (Wright & Jenks, 2016), showing that overall cognitive scores were consistently higher in those who are sexually active compared to those than those who are not. It extends these findings by showing increasing scores on two specific cognitive domains (fluency and visuospatial ability; with the latter approaching significance) with increasing frequency of Sexual Activity (from never, to monthly, to weekly).

The current study was limited by the definition of Sexual Activity (i.e., intercourse, masturbation, and petting). Aside: I assume they included oral sex.

love the subtly of her holding the brush

For many of use, spanking causes a man to be become erect, and a woman to become moist. 

  • Reading spanking stories, 
  • looking at pictures or videos of spanking, 
  • imagining you were the one spanking or being spanked, 
  • the emotions involved with the setting (being watched, peeking at a spanking, so many variations), 
  • creating spanking blogs, 
  • there are many more facets that can be described, but all lead to the heightening of the libido, 

I  say this quite freely because it has this effect on me.

So, a question: 

Has spanking increased the sexual activity in your relationship?

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above photo from Wolfie's wonderful blog.


Both spanked

It had been more than a week, and with more than enough reasons, Cindy used the tawse on my bottom, yesterday.

Over her knees, on the bed, with her back against  a pillow against the head board, a significant spanking with the short tawse. My bottom may have softened ever so slightly, but this spanking was strong because many  spanks were to the top of my bottom. This is an area never spanked by wood, but is a fine place to spank with leather, as the meat on the flesh is even less here.
(not our position, but effective)
I thanked Cindy for the spanking after being permitted to stand up.

Later, the love making was intense and delicious.

My bottom was still sore today, but Cindy erred enough that she needed to be spanked. My sitting on the spanking chair, with Cindy bare bottomed over my knees, was a delightful experience for me if not for Cindy.  Ten firm spanks with the wooden hair brush, had Cindy very unhappy,  with a lot of OOWWW and no more please.   The ten were finished, and Cindy was permitted to stand up, and she thanked me for the spanking. Her bottom was only a bit red, but the problem was solved and today has been another great day.

(only ten, and not a bath brush)
Probably tomorrow, it will be my turn OTK, and I am certain it will be significant.

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Happy Father's Day

How the wife can show she loves him!

enjoy the thought, and hopefully the reality

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mature people also need to be spanked

The only qualification I have on spanking is that it not be practiced on anyone younger than 18.

The bald spot shows, normally, that his age is apparent
Old enough to dress in stockings and garter belt, old enough to be spanked
Grey for both woman and man, and a sizeable wooden brush will do the trick
 Now, remember, are actors are older than 18, so the caption is completely fitting
 If his hair is grey, he should know by now what happens when he misbehaves

Thus, today's post shows older people being spanked. 

We are way older than we ever imagined our parents making love, or participating in any kinky activity, so are fortunate to be enjoying this aspect of life.

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