I recommend you visit Dave Wolfe's blog

Dave Wolfe has been around for quite some time (Dave: When did you start creating spanking art?),m and it is absolutely wonderful.

The detail and thought that goes into designing, thinking, positioning, and captioning is phenomenal. I am completely humbled in comparison to what I do, and what Dave does.


I really want you to click on the above link, and read the efforts he puts into creating each masterpiece, and see the genius at work.

ENJOY, then look at th e blog itself.

It has been in existence since 2010.

Here is a fun one from way back when


bottoms up



Dave Wolfe said...

Well, thanks very much for the recommendation and links, Red! Very kind! I've always done spanking cartoons, along with my others, since childhood, but they weren't shared until 2002, shortly after the Internet itself began.

Red said...

You are welcome Wolfie. Not certain if it drove viewers and comment sto your site, but it was worth a try. Keep up the great work
bottoms up