Spanks before dinner - weight loss

Our method on the cruise ship was ten hard full force spanks with the wooden bath brush, before going for dinner. Cindy sometimes lost count and gave more.

Each day, a whitish grey spot would be made surrounded by red, on each cheek.

I did lose one pound yesterday, but who knows what caused it.  We are walking for 1 hour 45 minutes to somewhat over 2 hours every daily, on a dirt trail. We drive to a different part of the trail, park, and then walk. Beautiful countryside, and some Blue Jays and Orioles and more.

As it is getting more humid, we will get up earlier to begin the hike.

Yesterday was the first of  these daily spankings, until my weight is acceptable. Cindy has agreed to daily until I reach 183, then a pause of a couple of days, then begin again until I reach 182. We will do this until  I  am below 180.
Bare bottom, bend a little at the waist, tighten my abs, and wallop.  A couple were more glancing, so Cindy stated they did not count.

At our age, my bottom doe snot have a lot of fat on it, and one cannot spank my stomach, where I carry the weight. If needed, after ten or more like the above, I may then go over Cindy's knees for more spanks on lower places,. (the crease of bottom to back of legs. We are afraid of wood on back of legs that have tension on them because of standing.)

Effectiveness: My bottom was sore when I went into the kitchen before bed, and I REFRAINED from any snack. (my downfall has always been peanut butter)

I am also doing a small amount of weights daily, so as to enhance body strength and weight loss.

What are you doing to lose weight during this evil time?
bottoms up



Spanked Cowboy said...

Your weight loss program seems to be effective. A good spanking before dinner is a good idea. The exercise and walks are always productive. Night time snacks are my downfall too. I wish she would spank me around 10 pm to keep me out of the kitchen.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Peanut butter -- absolutely no way I could give that up.

Baxter said...

I am currently temporarily laid off from my job so it has become more easy to lose weight. When I was working, we would have three meals and snacks all the time. Now, We eat breakfast at or after 9am and eat dinner before 6pm. Two meals and no snacking. An occasional beer is OK, but within the nine hours. The off eating time is called intermittent fasting and it works. In the past three weeks, I have lost seven pounds with probably another 15 to go to get to 200 lbs. We also go for walks and do exercises. My starting weight was about 222 lbs. Spanking is not involved in this weight loss. I know I have to lose due to being almost mid 60s and have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, both treated daily with pills. My wife also needs to lose weight so it is a cooperative effort.


Red said...

Spanked Cowboy: The idea of instead of getting a snack, you get spanked is one I have been toying with suggesting. That is, If I walk in the kitchen to get food, i must turn around and get a spanking implement and bring it to Cindy.

Dan: I am trying to massively cut down on it, but I slip up badly at times.

First: very sorry to hear you have been laid off, and hope your family finances can withstand the effect this will have. if you have children, they hopefully have their own jobs and careers, and can help out if necessary.
method: sounds excellent, but only two meals would be difficult for us. Your beer is my half a bottle of wine, which I will eventually have to slow down. I am trying to only have fruit or vegetables as snacks. At 222, you bloody well needed to lose weight to stay alive. Good luck

bottoms up