Some FLR Tips

i found this on a tumblr, and it seems interesting. (This was a cut and pace, so please ignore the spacing)
My wife new rules (F/M)
1. The spankings will be very hard !! It is punishment not prize (a present), from the first very hard and the last 20 or 30 with all my strength!
2. I will sermon (lecture) you during the spankings so you know why I am spanking you so that it does not happen again.
3. I will give you at least 5 minutes of corner time after each spanking.
4. I will send you messages with comments and warnings when I considered it necessary, I can also tell you by whispering In your ear or by moving my hand.
5. I will be very strict and tougher with you without removing the love.
6. I will not ask you, I will tell you how I want things done, period! I’m the boss !!!!
7. I will try to spank you when you earn it as quickly as possible !!
8. I will carry the hairbrush in my bag when we go out in case you earn some spankings. Obviously, the idea is that you get them where we are, so be very careful because you know that I don’t care where we are,  or with whom. I will take you to a bathroom or bedroom and spank you.
9. Zero tolerance !! If you disobey me or forget something or do it wrong or behave rudely, badly, disrespectfully, or something else that I don’t like, I will give you a spanking and punish you, the time and the amount is up to me.
10. Of course you can't come with out my permission!!!
These are the rules and so if I have to give you 10 spankings a week, l will until you respect them !!This is our new way of life, so embrace it..
Bottoms up


Anonymous said...

To a Tee, sitting is very hard, does not care ware, a spanking needed, will be given. Corner time longer, she wants to enjoy the view of my red spanked bottom.

Spanked Cowboy said...

Most of the ten rules are in force here already. The last photo of that gal soundly paddling that bare ass says it all.

Anonymous said...

The"ten rules" are, almost verbatim, those which N (and later J) decreed... and which one, then the other, have been following (and applying!) for many years...

Red said...

anon: thanks for sharing

spanked cowboy: that paddling would be effective

L: seems perfectly reasonable to me

bottoms up